Jakarta Coffee Week 2018: Celebrating the many ways to be the players in Indonesia Coffee Industry

2018-10-12 12.02.07

The third Jakarta Coffee Week held again by ABCD School of Coffee and HYPE from 28-30 October 2018 at PIK Avenue, Grand Ballroom 7thFloor. This biggest coffee festival in the country becomes the annual gathering of most coffee players in Indonesia, from the west to the east region, from farmer to consumer. This year, there are a lot of new players in the industry, not only the coffee shops and roaster that open the booth, but this year we see coffee machine maker, chocolate product, clothing product that related to coffee, also participate in the festival with the total of 96 tenants. From the innovative brewing machine from glasses such as SUJI and 201, until a roaster machine such as VNT Indonesia.

Pasar Kopi or the coffee farmers market corner occur again in this year Jakarta Coffee Week. Under SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia), they manage to arrange the tenant booth and inviting 15 coffee farmers representing coffee origin region from all around Indonesia such as Java, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua, and other. This corner become the direct trade opportunity for coffee buyers or roasters to meet the farmers and buy the green beans coffee that they want.

Fire and Gas Roasting Competition become the first roasting competition to be held in the history of Jakarta Coffee Week and this competition successfully attract around 20-25 Indonesia coffee roasters and the winner will bring home a 1 KG Nordic Roaster Machine from VNT Indonesia that equal to almost IDR 100,000,000. Besides that competition, the AeroPress Championship 2018 also attracts 108 barista and brewer around Indonesia since the winner of this competition will represent Indonesia at World AeroPress Championship 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

2018-10-12 12.01.22
Our favorite shelter, Klasik Beans Cooperative with its Green House Dryer shelter concept. Finally I met Pak Eko Purnomowidi, our Indonesia coffee man, in person!

The coffee industry trend in Indonesia is expanding. The coffee consumers who come to Jakarta Coffee Week are not only the follower of ‘Es Kopi Susu’ or ice coffee milk trend but also the a critical drinker or a third wave coffee drinker who started to questions about their coffee quality. They are someone who will ask the coffee roaster or brewer about where their coffee come from, which machine do they use to roast the coffee, how many temperature of water to brew the coffee, or what process do the farmer create for the coffee green beans.

This phenomenon make the coffee player has to be innovative in differentiating their coffee to sell.  Four Chambers, a booth tenant that consist of four coffee roasters in Indonesia (Two Hands Full, Hungry Bird, Instinct Coffee Roaster, and Papa Mama Coffee create a collaboration in selling their coffee beans and attract visitors by brewing their specialty coffee and tea. In other hand, the visitor got attracted with the bamboo booth that represent the “Green House Dryer” of Klasik Beans Cooperative, a coffee farmers co-op that run sustainable coffee farm and mills processing along with the deforestation program in West Java, Aceh, Flores, Toraja, North Sumatra, and other.

2018-10-12 12.02.10
Didi Guci, a roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung join the public cupping session

“I think this year’s Jakarta Coffee Week is representing how Indonesian coffee industry is evolving. Last year, we see familiar and famous coffee shops and roaster in the urban city but this year is interesting. We started to meet coffee player from all over Indonesia and event International. Many of us predict that there will be the growing number of coffee roasters next year and it is interesting to see where this industry will go.” Said Didi Guci, roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung

So, are you interested to also be one of the players in this industry? It might be wise to consider which sector you want to be in, whether it is in the upstream, downstream, or find the other new stream.




Its kind of funny how I find the same pattern in every online motorbike/car app driver questions to the passenger. They are mostly very curious about who you are, what you are doing for a living, where are you from, and even how much is your salary or house rent fee.

Since coming back from the US, being a nomad and sometime have to carry my backpack around when I move to the next stop, the same questions I receive from those driver is: “Are you going to hike a mountain?”, “Which mountain that you just hike?”, “Do you like mountaineering?”, or something like that. I notice that carrying your backpack around here in Indonesia is still the same like going for a hike or mountaineering, it is something unusual for the mainstream society.

It’s somehow fun to answer them with a different story, it almost like you can make up a lot of stories about your life and who cares? Because the chance for you to meet the same driver is almost to zero.

I feel like being a nomad in my experience make you meet a lot of different road, people, food, situation, language, excitement, challenges, and other. The skill that I learn recently is how to travel light, bring only 1 shoes that can do for all occasion, bring few clothes that you can combine and wear in any situation / place, find the closest laundry place nearby, not to shop unless its something that will be gone that you don’t have to carry it around,  and to be very careful in spending your money.

It’s somehow challenging to answer naturally when people ask about where do you live? If you want to make up stories, you actually can but you have to also be natural about it. I remember a couple who did a nomad life for years after selling all their stuff at home and decided to live on the road with their 2 backpack. I think its a very big decision when you decided to live without having a settle place. Now, I am a bit understand how that feel, just a bit, a tiny peace of bit compare to them!

Maybe one day if I have a family, I would like to do a nomad journey or just a road trip journey, at least 1 month, to meet strangers, trying out different food and places, learn to survive on the road, to teach the kids from the road because traveling to me is one of the best school on Earth. Being a nomad too, is also being a traveler, because to travel is to move.

Let see where this nomad journey will lead to..

Kopi Mukidi & Kopi Posong: Humble Coffee Farmer and Roaster With A Big Vision from Tobacco City, Temanggung

As a visitor, sometime its hard to tell, is it Sindoro or Sumbing Mountain?

My visit to Kopi Mukidi is not without a purpose. I decided to bring my backpack, hop on to the next nomad destination after Jakarta – Yogyakarta – Magelang to Temanggung, a small town that has two mountain: Sindoro and Sumbing, with the view of another 5 mountain summit: Andong, Merbabu, Merapi, Ungaran, Muria if you saw it from Posong area.

Luckily, I have an uncle from Parakan, Temanggung who live with my aunt and their three kids. I stay with them during my four days in Temanggung and they show me around as well as introduce me to their coffee related friends.

There is also “Temanggung Fair” when I come in Saturday and we visited the fair in Saturday night where my uncle want to show me the coffee exhibition in the fair. As predicted, I come to their home that night with bunch of coffee beans from different roaster and farmer: Arabica Prau from Rumah Kopi Temanggung, Arabica Sindoro from Sigandul coffee, Yellow caturra Sindoro from Kwadungan Coffee. Basically, the coffee beans in Temanggung are mostly from Sindoro and Sumbing mountain with the average high of of 1.200 – 1.600 mdpl. However, there are several coffee from Prau mountain as well.

2017-11-10 15.21.16
Kwadungan coffee products in Temanggung fair

2017-11-10 15.21.21

Kopi Posong: Between Two Heart, Sindoro and Sumbing

In the next day, my coffee trail discovery brought me to meet Mr. Tuhar, the owner of Kopi Posong KUB. Daya Sindoro from Tlahab village. His house located near Posong tourism destination which also famous after the movie “Filosofi Kopi”  . In fact, the movie use Mr. Tuhar’s coffee farm for the shooting, if you notice.

2017-11-10 15.21.35
The coffee package for the grinded coffee beans with Mr. Tuhas in the background
2017-11-10 15.37.54
The coffee package for the roasted beans
2017-11-10 15.37.59
He got featured in several newspaper because of what he is doing
2017-11-10 15.39.45
His house is to the left, going down..
2017-11-10 15.39.41
Posong view
2017-11-10 15.39.36
His coffee for sale!

“I used to be a tobacco farmer and then I convert some of the farm into coffee farm, started the plantation since 2010 and I got the support from the Government to get a roaster machine designed by Bandung Institute of Technology in 2015, and now I got invitations, take airplane for free, never because of planting tobacco, but coffee.”

Mr. Tuhar share his story on the changing life from being a tobacco farmer into become a coffee farmer. It was a very hard and challenging decision and even until now, there are still so many tobacco farmers that did not put the respect and trust on him. The culture of tobacco that has been around the city since hundred years ago make it so hard to convert farmer from planting tobacco into coffee.

“Farmer will never reach a great wealth if they still planting tobacco because its a big business with a lot of political issue inside, a lot of big player and domination. However, different with tobacco, coffee is different. As a farmer, I plant my own coffee, harvest it, process it into natural, full wash, semi washed, honey, wine (black – red – yellow), roast it with my own roaster, package it, and sell it. As a farmer, its still possible to do a coffee business from seed to cup and it is impossible to do a tobacco business from seed to cigarette.”

My discussion with Mr. Tuhar went far from talking about the tobacco industry until coffee industry. Even though its challenging, he still have the faith in coffee and do not care about what other people say about him. He believe that Temanggung can compete in the coffee industry worldwide, even Temanggung coffee beans already won several ward nationally and internationally.

2017-11-10 15.21.42
A giant coffee roaster for the village perspective inside Mr. Tuhar coffee lab


Kopi Mukidi: You Never Think There is a Coffeeshop Inside this! 

Kopi Mukidi coffeehouse from outside
2017-11-10 15.38.20
Kopi Mukidi from inside, what a surprise!

My uncle and aunt introduce me to Mr. Tuhar and the next morning, they bring me to Mr. Mukidi! As you can see from the photos above, there is a big different from outside and inside. I will never think there is a hidden treasure inside this house. A very beautiful wooden design of coffee bar that Kopi Mukidi has.

I started my visit by visiting the roaster inside his “coffee kitchen” where I found his wife, Mrs. Sumi, in the process of roasting Sindoro and Sumbing coffee.

2017-11-10 15.38.36

Left: his second trial on making his own roaster machine. Right: his current roaster machine designed and created in Temanggung


Mr. Mukidi is still brief his two girl barista since we came in the morning around 8am, they are about to start working in the cafe. After the briefing done, Mr. Mukidi come to join me in the kitchen and explaining about his own coffee roaster. He mention that he design this together with his friend who can make the machine and keep improving it until the third trial that he own right now. I thought he buy this machine somewhere and surprise when he told me he create this by himself and even sell it to the other for less than 10 million rupiah (<US$1,000)! He become famous because his profile appear in the famous comic book in Indonesia and he is the pioneer of Temanggung coffee farmer and roaster back then in 2012, before everyone thinking to process coffee.

2017-11-10 15.39.27
Mr. Mukidi explaining about how his machine works
2017-11-10 15.38.52
A view from his rooftop. He is developing a homestay in his second floor!

However, he has a big vision. His purpose is to not only selling coffee and making money. Beyond that, he would like to empower farmer to be independent economically, and reach wealthiness through coffee. He encourage a lot farmers to join him in planting coffee, do a well preparation for planting, harvesting, and post-harvesting process, even roasting, and opening up your own coffeeshop.

He gave me a short lecture based on his experience on the “economy of coffee”, on how farmer will get bigger income if they can process the coffee from seed to cup. The highest value of coffee is in the cup of consumer and he proof what he said by having his own coffeehouse.

2017-11-10 15.20.222017-11-10 15.20.29

Mr. Mukidi is very humble – he does not have a big house, a lot of cars, or high position, but he surely has a big heart and big vision. I also see that he is very passionate in doing his job, really enjoy what he is doing. I told Mr. Mukidi, “We need more farmers like you, Mr. Mukidi. Keep spreading the virus!”

Entering the avenue of Mr. Mukidi coffeehouse

In my encounter of my coffee trail with coffee enthusiast and farmer from the US, Canada, Japan, Peru, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, and now Indonesia, I got a lot of perspective in doing coffee businesses. It really depends on what is your vision. 

Do you want to make a lot of money, or you want to make the best quality of coffee, or making impact to the farmer? Do you want to do the whole business from seed to cup, or you want to focus on the farming, harvesting, post-harvesting, or roasting? or you want to create another coffee shop or coffee stall in the urban city? It will make a lot different in the process of doing the coffee business and setting up a strategy.

What do you think will interest you the most?

Leaving Mr. Mukidi house, leaving Temanggung which make a mark in my heart for another inspiring coffee trail


2015 Dreams & Hopes

After review what I did during 2014, now I would like to take a chance, in the 1st day of the year of 2015 to write what my dreams & hopes that I can publish here. I realize that the last time I did this was in 2013 as you can see in my blog here and from that list, the resolution that I can made it until 2014 are :

1) Start life healthier by running every Saturday (or at least once a week), swimming, eat good food 

Unfortunately I run not every Saturday but sometime, even though I already have running club in Danone every Wednesday! But I did my 1st 10 K in Jakarta Marathon with 1 hour and 30 minutes time. Not bad for beginner!

2) Visiting Paris & some countries nearby, US, India, Japan, Vietnam, Kamboja, China.

Wow! I only have Japan & China on my list. But I dont really want to visit China intentionally. Japan is on my list on April 2015! 🙂

3) Accepted in Scholarship program for Master in Social Entrepreneurship / HRM / Business Management for 2014 Class

I got LPDP scholarship but now still working & waiting on the campus application announcement. Wish me luck! 🙂

4) Donate continuously every month and interact with community more often and also be nice to everyone!

5) Start the social business that I’ve been planning for!

6) Got enough IELTS Score

7) Success in implementing DYSE program, MT 2013, and DanCommunity.com

8) Going back to Depok village again

9) Finish writing my book in the middle of the year (June)

This resolution always come every year but never realize it! 😦 I hope I can start it in 2015 🙂

10) Fasting every Monday and Thursday, Sholat Dzuha, and Sholat on time!

So, from those resolution in 2013 & 2014, here are what I will keep fighting for it in 2015 and what I will add on it :

1. Got a minimum 650 GMAT score on February 2015. Accepted in one / two / all of these Universities in the USA : Duke University, Boston University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign – for MBA Program & start the class in Fall 2015

2. Find the right person who I will start the family with 🙂

3. Traveling to Japan (April 2015), Tanjung Puting (March 2015), Canada (Winter break 2015 or Fall 2015), Nepal (May/June 2015)

4. Wanderlust got investment after my pitch at @america this February! Wanderlust won “Wirausaha Sosial Mandiri”. Have an office for Wanderlust, hire more people, leverage the destinations & impacts in Indonesia tourism destinations (Labuan Bajo, Tanjung Puting, Garut, Derawan Island, etc)

5. Climb Semeru Mountain before leaving Indonesia for study aboard

6. Start to write my book of being a Wanderer in a Wanderlust world experience

7. Coming back to Depok village before leaving Indonesia

8. Fasting every Monday and Thursday, Sholat Dzuha, and Sholat on time, Sedekah every month!

9.  Start life healthier by running at least once a week, swimming, eat good food!

10. Help & Support my sister Salma to enter Faculty of Medicine as she is now in 3rd grade of Senior high school & wanna be a Doctor 🙂

These are my resolutions so far, I hope to keep it & fight for it until the end of 2015. Now, lets start the 1st day of the year with a positive behaviour & believe that we can achieve all our dreams & hopes in 2015. Bismillah! 🙂

– @dinidreaming

2014 : A Year of Wanderlust

I take a chance to look back at my 2014 year and I decided to give it the title : Year of Wanderlust. What is Wanderlust? Wanderlust literally means a strong desire to travel to understand once very existence. In my experience, since 2010 when the first time I travel aboard to Boston, USA.. this year is become the year that I travel the most. This year is also the year when me, Fany, and Syahira started our social business called Wanderlust Indonesia which is an Indonesia-based social enterprise that creates a unique traveling experience by encountering traveler and locals.

Last week I got chance to share my experience traveling with Couchsurfing and I just realize when I made the slides that if I resume where I travel from 2010 – 2014, I already travel to 13 countries, some of the countries I got chance to visit twice or even 3rd times such as USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. This is exclude places that I visit in Indonesia.

Where did I Travel.ppt

Where did I surf

So, from all 13 countries that I visited, in 2014, I travel to 6 countries which are : 

1. Singapore
– July 2014
– Danone Young Social Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneurship trip for the 1st Winner

2. Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay)
– May 2014
– Backpacking trip to Indochina, hosted by Couchsurfer in Hanoi

3. Laos
– May 2014
– Backpacking trip to Indochina, visiting Vientiane, crossing the border via roadtrip from Cambodia – Laos & Laos – Hanoi.

4. Cambodia (Phonm Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat)
– May 2014
– Backpacking trip to Indochina, hosted by Couchsurfer in Siem Reap

5. Seattle, USA
– November 2014
– Selected as 1 of 5 Indonesian Social Entrepreneur who join Project Catalyst program by Jolkona & US Embassy

6. Vancouver, Canada
– November 2014
– Extended my visit from Seattle taking a bus ride to Vancouver. Hosted by Chitha & his family in Vancouver. Meet Nithya who drove from Calgary to Vancouver! Reunion with Canada World Youth fellas.

Beside those 6 countries, in 2014, I also got chance to travel around Indonesia. Here are the list :

1. Bali
– March 2014
– I nominated to join Danone Campus in Bali in Connected Leaders training. After that, I got chance to visit Ubud, Denpasar, Legian, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and other exciting places in Bali. Staying with Sud, one of my best friend from Canada World Youth who live in Denpasar. I love Ubud a lot and definitely going to come back there for couple times 🙂

2. Flores
– March 2014
– After Bali, I decided to extend my travel to Flores! One of the most beautiful island & place in Indonesia. I travel with Karin – friend of my friend who I never met before! Its ended up we have such a wonderful escape! I also lucky to have Enggi working in Labuan Bajo, Flores so we hosted by her and we really enjoy our stay there. Especially, its my birthday when we arrive in Flores 🙂 We visit Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island (Live on board experience & snorkeling to many many beautiful islands), Wae Rebo UNESCO World Heritage, and Cunca Wulang waterfall.

3. Ujung Kulon
– October 2014
– As a part of Wanderlust project, we visited Ujung Kulon and meet a very awesome headmaster named Pak Ramli who support Wanderlust a lot!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

4. Krakatau Mountain
– January 2014
– The same like Ujung Kulon, as a part of Wanderlust project, we got chance to visit Sebesi Island & Krakatau


5. Depok Village, Cisompet, Garut
– March, September 2014
– My second home! I got chance to come back twice this year in Depok village, meeting my Abah & Mamah; my host family in Canada World Youth program 2011-2012.

6. Ijen Crater
– September 2014
– Welcoming Chitha back to Indonesia! I got chance to have 10 days on the road trip with him! We visited Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi, East Java.

7. Baluran National Park (Also : Surabaya & Malang)
– September 2014
– The same like above, we start the trip from Surabaya, pick up by my friend Hafidh and take a road trip with Wan & Dimas (our Canada World Youth fellas staying in Malang & Surabaya).

8. Yogyakarta
– September, October 2014
– I took Chitha to Yogyakarta & he make this city as his favorite city. I also always love Yogya with all the peace, kindness, and creativity. We visited Punthuk Situmbuh to see the sunrise, Borobudur & Prambanan temple, Ratu Boko temple, Taman Sari Water Castle, Malioboro, Keraton Yogyakarta, and all the best culinary ini town! In the 2nd visit at October, I was with Danone having recruitment for our Management Trainee program

9. 1000 Island
– July, September 2014
– The 1st visit was for survey of Wanderlust Indonesia program and the 2nd visit was one of my road trip with Chitha. We stay at Pari island.

10. Surabaya
– October 2014
– Recruitment of our Management Trainee program in Danone

11. Medan
– October 2014
– This is my 1st time in Medan! This time is with Danone also for our recruitment of Management Trainee Danone program.

That’s why I called this year : A year of Wanderlust! Because I saw many beautiful places in Indonesia & aboard, tasting many delicious food all over the world, and meeting many kindhearted locals around the world 🙂 Thats enough to fulfill my desire to travel to understand once very existence 🙂

I was also feeling so blessed that this year, I receive 3 achievements that I believe this is all God’s hand :

1. Receiver of LPDP Scholarship (Indonesia Education Endowment Fund) by Government of Indonesia to continue Master Degree aboard in 2015

2. Selected as 1 of 5 Social Entrepreneur who join “Project Catalyst” program by Jolkona & US Embassy, 2 weeks in Seattle – USA through WANDERLUST INDONESIA

3. Me & my team receive Danone Global HR Best Practice Awards in Culture & Social Innovation through Danone Young Social Entrepreneur program

As a bonus, I also have my 1st interviewed on TV in Kompas TV for explaining about Danone Young Social Entrepreneur program 🙂 And my friend in Kudus interviewed me in local newspaper, here are the pics :

Beside work & traveling, I was so glad also that finally this year, me & my 2 friends can start our social enterprise Wanderlust Indonesia. In 1 year, we did around 10 trips including going to Krakatau, Ujung Kulon, and weekend series; inspiring weekend trip 1 day in Jakarta to learn from the locals. We also partnered with DHL Indonesia to bring the employee to have a Voluntourism trip to Pari Island, 1000 Island planting the mangrove & bring their Internship to have Jakarta Heritage trip. Thank  you, DHL! 🙂

legendary culinary 20 Dec 2014 Hidden heritage web collagelegendaryculinary wanderlust treasure a4 wanderlust 2 Poster wanderlust new year (3)

I cannot thank God enough for all the blessing and kindness that God gave to me. I hope that I can always pay all those blessings forward to as many people as possible. The things that I found I cannot fulfill in 2014 was my intention to always fasting in Monday & Thursday, always do the sunnah prayers. I hope that in 2015, I can be closer to God in terms on this thing.

Thank you everyone for supporting and being part of my life in 2014. Lets wish the best for all of us in 2015. Keep dreaming, wandering, fighting, and believing. Because that’s what the human can do & let God do the rest! 🙂

Happy Wandering

– @dinidreaming –

Project Catalyst by Jolkona & US Embassy – Learning from Seattle

Last month in November 2014, I was lucky to be one of the selected 5 Social Entrepreneurs from Indonesia that got a chance to go to Seattle joining “Project Catalyst” program by JOLKONA and US Embassy.

2014-11-10 13.34.06

I said we are lucky because they only have 2 batch (each batch consist of 5 Social Entrepreneurs) from Indonesia! The next batch in 2015 will be from Bangladesh! We are selected from around 70 applicants that submitting the application online -> interview by Jolkona Co-Founder and teams with the US Embassy. I bring Wanderlust Indonesia, my social business started 1 year ago in creating a unique & responsible traveling experience by connecting traveler and local through volunteering activity. The other 4 social entrepreneurs are :

1. Alfatih Timur – Founder of kitabisa.com
2. Nancy Margried – Founder of Batik Fractal
3. Alfi Irfan – Founder of AgriSocio
4. Candra Cahyani Gani – Founder of Bedah Kampus

To me, These amazing 4 people is now feel like part of my family after spending the very cold weeks for us together in Seattle 🙂  You can also read our story here : http://jolkona.livestories.com/inspire/Cohort-2

For your reference, these are the social entrepreneurs that selected in the 1st batch of Project Catalyst :

1. Mirah Mahaswari – Founder of Pack Your Spirit
2. Nadine Zamira – Founder of LeafPlus
3. Hendriyadi Bachtiar – Founder of healthy Shredded fish project (Abon Ikan)
4. Nadya Saib – Founder of Wangsa Jelita
5. Dino Lefty – Founder of Vertesac

What is actually this program all about? Project Catalyst designed to escalate social business from developing country and leverage the impact of social entrepreneurship by bringing social entrepreneur from developing country to Seattle, to learn about social business, meet prospective investors, and network. They put us through two weeks of intensive training, mentoring, and networking to bring our social mission driven startup to the next level. We attend workshops to refine our business, met the Seattle Start-up community, visit some successful company like Google, Microsoft and learnt to pitch to investors.

Our 2 weeks in Seattle curriculum basically led to this final event that they call “Showcase Event” which we have 5 minutes to pitch our social business in front of the audience in Seattle —>

1st Week – Build Business Plan
We have a very packed schedule during the 1st week to understand our business deeply, defining our vision and mission statement again, explaining it in elevator pitch so many times to different people and the most important thing, meet a lot of amazing people as our workshop lectures, pitch coaches, and lovely MENTOR!

Here are the workshops that we got during the 1st week :

1. Value workshop by Barri Rind
2. Elevator pitch coaching by Ajit Banerjee
3. Workshop #1: Define your Mission, Value Prop, and Strategy by Peter Blomquist
4. Fireside Chat with Sam Chughtai
5. Workshop #2: Execution and Scale by Emer Dooley
6. Workshop #3: Problem solving & overcoming challenges by Cole Hoover
7. Workshop #4: Culture and Leadership by Kyle Kesterson
8. Workshop #5: Tell Your Story by Susan Bloch
9. Office Hour (individual) with Brandon Fleming, Anita Sulaiman, Linsey Battan and Bob Ness


And here are the list of places that we visit in the 1st week :
1. Farestart Restaurant
2. CODE.org
3. The Seattle Foundation
4. University of Washington
5. Start Up Hall


While this one is the Networking Event / Session that we got :
1. Techstars Demo Day
2. Techstars Launch Party
3. University of Washington Networking Event with MBA Students
4. Dinner with Barri Rind

PC - Networking Session

Above all those activities, we also got chance of MENTOR MEETING twice in that 1st week. My mentor is Maryann Ness – used to be Kak Hendriyadi’s mentor in batch 1 and wife of other mentor, Bob Ness – who is mentor to Nancy Margried! Maryann has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of financial management, particularly for local governments and non-profits.  Background includes Finance Director for a suburban city and a mid-sized international non-profit, and CPA for large public accounting firm.  Major responsibilities have included grant-writing, compilation of annual budget and supervision of accounting, human resources and IT functions.Recently retired and taking classes at the University of Washington in Asian history and culture, including history of Indonesian.  Volunteer activities include Woodland Park Zoo and Washington Community Alliance for Self Help (CASH).  Washington CASH trains and advises financially disadvantaged people in King County in how to operate their own businesses and offers small loans to those who qualify.



The 2nd Week is the Week of CRAFTING OUR PITCH!

This week, we get more intense training and workshop that focus on preparing our 5 minutes pitch. Yes, you have to tell about your social business in only 5 minutes. This is a really big learning for all of us to TELL WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART in our business that we we want people know. Telling our story.

During the 2nd week, we got chance to learn :

1. Workshop #6: Financial Analysis and Modeling by Nawsheen Sharfuddin – our “Mama” Project Catalyst because Nawsheen is the 1st contact communication between us and Jolkona & the Coordinator for Project Catalyst Cohort 2 program! She is AMAZING buddy also for all of us 🙂

2. Workshop #7: Design thinking by Nancy Xu

3. Workshop #8: Prioritization, Focus, Impact & Transparency by Adnan Mahmud – The CoFounder of Jolkona who also CEO of Live Stories, his enterpise that become one of 10 company which selected to participate in intense Techstars program in 2014.

4. PITCH COACHING SESSIONS!!!! Here are our amazing pitch coaches :

Steve Schwartz
Archie Gupta
George Economy
Dan Kranzler
Irene Yamamoto
Ben Friedman
Martina Welke
Ajit Banerjee
Brandon Fleming
Anita Sulaiman

5. Inspiring sharing from Ben Friedman – young social entrepreneur of Homegrown, sustainable sandwich shop!

We also have opportunity to visit :
1. Microsoft
2. Theo’s Chocolate
3. Seattle Tilth
4. Seattle Urban Farm
5. Homegrown
6. Impact Hub
7. Google

And the most important thing is that we have our 5 minutes PITCH session finally on Thursday, 13 November 2014 at WeWork – Yale Avenue, Seattle.



Watch our pitch video here : 

a. Candra Cahyani Gani :
b. Dini Hajarrahmah :
c. Alfatih Timur :
For Alfi & Nancy, they still work on it. 

During 2 weeks, we also have our own homestay host who open their home, heart and kindness for all of us! I have a fabulous host who hosted Mirah from last batch. My host named is Kim Wright and she work as a Director of Philanthropy at The Seattle Foundation. We have great time staying together, have our tea night in front of the TV while talk on some topics, Indonesian-American dinner, pitch practice, and lots of laughs! Thank you Kim for everything!!! I hope to see you soon in Indonesia and have our Wanderlust trip 🙂


Jolkona Super Team!

All of these event & ideas arranged by a Foundation based in Seattle called Jolkona who is Founded by 2 awesome husband & wife; Adnan Mahmud & Nadia Mahmud. Adnan is also a Founder of Livestories, a social enterprise envision to make data for non-data people! During 2 weeks, we are hosted by most of Jolkona team and they are all awesome! Thank you Nawsheen, Monica, Nancy, Adnan, and Nadia! 🙂

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Seattle Ecotourism / Community-Based Tourism 

One of my objective joining this program is to partner, find the network with Ecotourism enterprise in Seattle that might be interested to have the destination & project in Indonesia. So, I met 3 of Ecotourism founder in Seattle that inspire me to improve Wanderlust & bring it to the next level. Hopefully, we can make a partnership with them and more International travel company. 3 of them are :

1. Crookedtrails – Chris


2. Meaningful Trip – Joe 


3. Red Lantern Journeys – Ambrose & Irine


Seattle Exploration!
Even though we have only 2 weeks and our program is very packed & full, I dont want to miss any traveling part to see the city and surrounding! As Seattle famous with a very grunge city, The 1st Starbucks Store, Space Needles, and the beauty of its nature – we found sometime to  explore the city by our own. Kim also bring us to Brainbridge Island in my last day in Seattle before I continue the journey to Vancouver.

Seattle City 2

Seattle City

Thank you Project Catalyst JOLKONA, Thank you US Embassy for supporting this program & Thank you all the mentor, coach, speaker, entrepreneurs. Thank you for all the awesome host, thank you for all Seattle people!!! You are all awesome!! 🙂

In February, we gonna have chance to present about our social business only in 2.5 minutes in @America – Pacific Place in front of US Embassy & some investors. Lets wish Wanderlust & all the social enterprise the best of luck! 🙂


Keep Wandering,