#STAAwards4 – Empathy Map

Here is Wanderlust Indonesia empathy map that we explore together with the theme earlier this year at our outing. Thanks for this great tool that help us to understand our customer better 🙂

empathy map.jpg


Customer Empathy Map

Who are we empathizing with?
– Young professional
– Stuck in daily activity
– Looking for something different
– Want to be useful for others

– Need organizer
– Have budget
– Have concern in social impact
– Not expert in social impact
– Need creativity

What do they need to do?
– Need acknowledgement and recognition
– Need to do volunteering
– Need to do something different

– Need portofolio (CSR, credit for lecturer)

What do they see?
B2C & B2B: (We analyze that both B2C and B2B this will be the same)
– Youtube, Netflix, cable TV
– Self-development, traveling book (mainly in English)
– Social media (IG accounts with specific interests: travel, volunteer, impact, social enterprise, start-up, motivational accounts e.g. TedEx, social movement)

What do they say?
B2C & B2B: (We analyze that both B2C and B2B this will be the same)
– Looking for something different
– I want to do something useful for others
– Want to give positive impact (save the earth etc)

What do they do?
– Urban workers, freelancer
– Hang out at coffee shop, shopping at mall over weekend
– Traveler

What do they hear?
– Politics and news
– Business trend
– Social movement
– Motivational podcast etc


What do they think and feel?
– Fear of being useless
– Clueless and confused about what to do and where to start regarding social issues
– Anxiety of decreasing quality in destination (environment, service)
– Anxious about environment issue
– In search of new experience

– Too many things to do
– No idea or boredom
– Mainstream or repetitive experience in outing
– Unhealthy work atmosphere in corporate

– Acknowledgement (certificate, portofolio, membership)
– Fulfillment
– New experience
– Meaningful connection
– Existence
– Reward point

– Acknowledgement (certificate, portofolio, membership)
– Employee engagement and retain
– Corporate image
– Saving money, time, and effort
– Make work easier
– Diverse program options



I call it stupidity.

Hate it very much but it always haunt this body. Don’t know where it come from, how come it can be inside this body. Never invite the stupidity to come in, it come by itself.

Hey stupidity..

Please go away.. far away.. and never go back. So that at least in the end of the day, stupidity is not the one who will kill this body, mind, and soul.


We are just a stupid person after all. Who know nothing and we are nothing compare to this Earth.

I wanna be a kid..

Lulua. 6 yo from Kuwait. 1year in Boston with her mom. Amahle best friend at school. PS. She told me that Im now her best friend before we say goodbye in the train, how lucky I am!
My cutie best friend Amahle and her lovely dog Aiko. Amahle is a daughter of my best friend at school Melani. They invite me for Thanksgiving dinner at their lovely home tonight 🙂

..So that I can…

Say what I want

Do what I wanna do

Ask questions, a lot of them

Make the adult confuse on how to answer

Always be curious

Imagine everything with no limit

Never say impossible without giving a try

Be friend with everyone, without judging

Living the moment with my best friend to the fullest without any distraction

Feel happy easily, not too much thinking

Play, play, and play. 

PS. Thank you Lulua and Amahle for reminding me of how fun to be a kid and accepting me as your friend, just the way I am. Such an inspiration in a warm Thanksgiving night.

E v o l u s i


Ketika cara kamu melihat dunia berbeda, ketertarikanmu terhadap sesuatu terkadang akan berubah. Akan ada pemikiran baru yang menuntun bawah sadarmu menemukan hal-hal yang sebelumnya mungkin tidak pernah menarikmu, masuk ke dalam urutan pertama dalam otakmu. Menjadi hal pertama yang kamu pikirkan ketika kamu terjaga di malam hari atau membuka mata di kala bangun pagi. Sebaliknya, hal yang dulunya pernah sangat memikatmu, terkadang berubah menjadi sesuatu yang tidak lagi menarik, tak jua menjadi prioritas dalam hidupmu. Selamat datang di siklus kehidupan yang selalu berputar dan sejatinya manusia itu akan selalu ber-evolusi jika ingin terus tumbuh dan berkembang.

Saat itu terjadi, akan susah menjelaskannya kepada manusia-manusia yang mengenalmu sedari dulu dengan pemikiran dan caramu melihat dunia sebelumnya. Jangan takut untuk kehilangan mereka-mereka yang kau kenal dengan pemikiran lamamu, yang benar-benar mengenalmu tidak akan pergi. Mereka lah yang bisa kau andalkan dalam hidupmu, jangan sia-siakan, jaga mereka baik-baik.

Jangan takut untuk ber-evolusi. Menemukan dirimu seutuhnya.

*Inspirasi di kala bersepeda pagi ini

Moving to Boston

Its been 20 days since I arrived at Logan International airport on 27 August 2015 around 2 pm. My adjustment is going pretty well due to the huge support from current Indonesian Bostonian fellow here! Special thanks for Andrea, a friend of mine from the same scholarship batch who help me a lot with the moving (and everything!) and hosted me 1 week at her place! I couldnt imagine everything will be a lot difficult without their present.

I come to Boston with only 1 way ticket. Will I ever know when I am going back to the other part of the world where I belong to? It could be next year, maybe couple months later, next 2 years, or how if I will only come back after 3 years? When you bought 1 way ticket, you never really know when you will go back.

This remind me of the song played at the Chicago Jazz Festival last 2 weeks called “1 Way Ticket” where the singer bought 1 way ticket to India and never know when she will go back.

But one thing is definite; I will come back for the stronger reason than staying here. “No reason to stay, is a good reason to go” is that right? 🙂