#STAAwards4 – Lesson Learned

Here is some of the lesson learned that I got during joining Australia Awards Program Startup Ecosystem – Batch 4, November 2018:

  • The ecosystem is really working!
    I got connected with several Awardee that we finally create project together. I also got connected with several people in Australia that interested to collaborate on Wanderlust Indonesia program. This would not happen if Australia Awards & Flinders as a host did not arrange such a great program & list of people to meet so that we got the great connection!
  • The Start-up Tools Knowledge & Theory is really helpful!
    We do have several session in class lead by Carla, Laki, and Julie.. and in the beginning I was thinking that it will be a boring session but in the end, we do use all the toolkit that we learn in class to our start-up. I personally use Business Model Canvas, Empathy Map, Customer Journey, Financial Model, Landing Page / A&B Testing, and many other tools to brainstorm with my team earlier this year. Even though some of the tool we already familiar but we use several tools to check again our start-up, are we on the right track or not.
  • Learning from Different Start-up, How to monetize, Investment Models, etc
    We visit or meet many start-up during our program and from all of them I learn a different business model that somehow interesting and not familiar in Indonesia. From there, we also learn how they monetize their product, how they get invested, how they can survive! It is interesting that we also can get insight from several Founders about their story to run the start-up. I think it is a lesson learned that I personally can reflect to what is my stage of business and how I am personally perform to my start-up
  • Learning how Australia build ecosystem between Government, Start-up, Private, and Universities
    From our visit to Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.. we learn that those cities build a great ecosystem between their government, start-ups, private and Universities. This is the thing that is not working well yet in Indonesia and we see that Australia become a great example on how those institution can work together very well. One of the example is how Adelaide govt support ecosystem through Lot 14, how Flinders University facilitate private to collaborate with start-up in the Tonsley, how Melbourne Govt give case studies to solve city problem to start-ups, etc
  • Learning about Australia & Indonesia strat-up ecosystem!
    Part of the learning point is also how we can understand better the ecosystem and network of startup in Australia and in Indonesia. We also have a group WhatssApp that make our network better and almost everyday, people in the group are sharing insight from their network and this is such a continuous learning that we got everyday, and we even can discuss it among other.