Australia Awards – Vibes of the Awardee

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Hello, this is my second post about Australia Awards program that I receive from the Australia Government. You can read the first post at my page “Australia Award Course Blog”.

After the Pre-Course and then traveling inflight with the other 25 participants of the Australia Awards, and now we are all in Adelaide.. I feel that the Australia Awards has chosen a very diverse and unique character of people. I wanted to write several profile of the Awardee – hopefully I can feature some of their profile later on in my blog because they are all inspiring and their story behind their startup can be an interesting learning to read.

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If you are curious who are the 26 of us.. here are the list of us:

  1. Mirah Mahaswari –
  2. Annisa Wibi – Mycotech
  3. Brata Rafly – Etobee
  4. Danny Kosasih – Innovesia
  5. Dila Hanum – Telkom Amoeba
  6. Dina Dellyana – The Greater Hub SBM ITB
  7. Dini Hajarrahmah – Wanderlust Indonesia
  8. Donni Prabowo – ABP Incubator
  9. Edi Topan – Expedito
  10. Rangga Alroy – BEKRAF
  11. Elisa Effendy  – Engliven
  12. Febriadi Putra – Gringgo
  13. Gita Dwijayanti – TuneMap
  14. Indra Purnama – MIKTI
  15. Maria Natashia – Family Fund Investor
  16. Marshall Pribadi –
  17. Nuning Septiana – Kasir Pintar
  18. Nur Izzatul Muthiah – PLUS
  19. Paundra Noorbaskoro – Growpal
  20. Pratiwi Sukmawati – Ordent
  21. Richard Anggadiwirja – Rumah Porto
  22. Satrio Tegar – Ruang Perintis
  23. Shinta Priantika – Callista
  24. Tubagus Ari – F&B
  25. Tuhu Nugraha – Digital Marketing Mentor & Lecturer LSPR
  26. Utari Octavianty –

It is sometime not easy to gather all 26 people in one group. However, I learnt that this group has a positive vibes, cooperative, and they mostly have a lot of good energy of curiosity, exploration, and an open minded mindset to be able to collaborate each other.

Just tonight, in our wonderful apartment in Adelaide, I heard a story about a women CEO whom the background has nothing to do with what she is doing right now until she found the turning point. When she told me about her story, this give me an inspiration to write this blog and to feature the profile of these group Awardee.

Will that be something interesting to read? 🙂

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Jakarta Coffee Week 2018: Celebrating the many ways to be the players in Indonesia Coffee Industry

2018-10-12 12.02.07

The third Jakarta Coffee Week held again by ABCD School of Coffee and HYPE from 28-30 October 2018 at PIK Avenue, Grand Ballroom 7thFloor. This biggest coffee festival in the country becomes the annual gathering of most coffee players in Indonesia, from the west to the east region, from farmer to consumer. This year, there are a lot of new players in the industry, not only the coffee shops and roaster that open the booth, but this year we see coffee machine maker, chocolate product, clothing product that related to coffee, also participate in the festival with the total of 96 tenants. From the innovative brewing machine from glasses such as SUJI and 201, until a roaster machine such as VNT Indonesia.

Pasar Kopi or the coffee farmers market corner occur again in this year Jakarta Coffee Week. Under SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia), they manage to arrange the tenant booth and inviting 15 coffee farmers representing coffee origin region from all around Indonesia such as Java, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua, and other. This corner become the direct trade opportunity for coffee buyers or roasters to meet the farmers and buy the green beans coffee that they want.

Fire and Gas Roasting Competition become the first roasting competition to be held in the history of Jakarta Coffee Week and this competition successfully attract around 20-25 Indonesia coffee roasters and the winner will bring home a 1 KG Nordic Roaster Machine from VNT Indonesia that equal to almost IDR 100,000,000. Besides that competition, the AeroPress Championship 2018 also attracts 108 barista and brewer around Indonesia since the winner of this competition will represent Indonesia at World AeroPress Championship 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

2018-10-12 12.01.22
Our favorite shelter, Klasik Beans Cooperative with its Green House Dryer shelter concept. Finally I met Pak Eko Purnomowidi, our Indonesia coffee man, in person!

The coffee industry trend in Indonesia is expanding. The coffee consumers who come to Jakarta Coffee Week are not only the follower of ‘Es Kopi Susu’ or ice coffee milk trend but also the a critical drinker or a third wave coffee drinker who started to questions about their coffee quality. They are someone who will ask the coffee roaster or brewer about where their coffee come from, which machine do they use to roast the coffee, how many temperature of water to brew the coffee, or what process do the farmer create for the coffee green beans.

This phenomenon make the coffee player has to be innovative in differentiating their coffee to sell.  Four Chambers, a booth tenant that consist of four coffee roasters in Indonesia (Two Hands Full, Hungry Bird, Instinct Coffee Roaster, and Papa Mama Coffee create a collaboration in selling their coffee beans and attract visitors by brewing their specialty coffee and tea. In other hand, the visitor got attracted with the bamboo booth that represent the “Green House Dryer” of Klasik Beans Cooperative, a coffee farmers co-op that run sustainable coffee farm and mills processing along with the deforestation program in West Java, Aceh, Flores, Toraja, North Sumatra, and other.

2018-10-12 12.02.10
Didi Guci, a roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung join the public cupping session

“I think this year’s Jakarta Coffee Week is representing how Indonesian coffee industry is evolving. Last year, we see familiar and famous coffee shops and roaster in the urban city but this year is interesting. We started to meet coffee player from all over Indonesia and event International. Many of us predict that there will be the growing number of coffee roasters next year and it is interesting to see where this industry will go.” Said Didi Guci, roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung

So, are you interested to also be one of the players in this industry? It might be wise to consider which sector you want to be in, whether it is in the upstream, downstream, or find the other new stream.


I call it stupidity.

Hate it very much but it always haunt this body. Don’t know where it come from, how come it can be inside this body. Never invite the stupidity to come in, it come by itself.

Hey stupidity..

Please go away.. far away.. and never go back. So that at least in the end of the day, stupidity is not the one who will kill this body, mind, and soul.


We are just a stupid person after all. Who know nothing and we are nothing compare to this Earth.



A: “Hey, what is your wish today?”
D: “I don’t know. Should we have a wish? Since expectation can kill ourselves.”
A: “What about your vision as you are growing old?”
D: “Vision.. that sounds so serious and ambitious. I kind of tired of those things in life.”
A: “Whoa.. that is really something I can’t understand right now.”
D: “Well yea, maybe you will feel it one day, when you want nothing but living a simple life. When you stop buying clothes, having no desire to spend your money on materialistic stuff and use it for day to day life.. like for food, transportation, house..”
A: “..and coffee?”
D: “Haha you got it!”


My best friend also call me this morning and say, “Hey, happy birthday. I hope you can be the best version of yourself!” and I guess, being our true self is the best version of ourself.



Apabila kamu sedang sakit,
Percayalah bahwa sakit itu bentuk Tuhan sayang kepada manusia
Jika manusia lain juga sayang padamu, dia akan menunjukkan pula
Rasa empati dan kepeduliannya kepada kamu yang sakit
Seperti seorang Ibu yang membawa anaknya berobat ke dokter
Seperti seorang kekasih yang menanyakan kabar atau membawakan makanan

Kalau sakit itu memang enaknya dimanja dan memanjakan diri, melupakan sejenak pekerjaan, ini kalau aku
Atau berdiam diri sendiri tanpa ada yang mengganggu, bagi beberapa orang

Akan tetapi,
Apabila kamu sedang sakit,
Tuhan juga sedang menguji kamu,
Mungkin sedang menaikkan derajatmu, menguji kesabaranmu,
Seperti meminum pil-pil yang kamu benci dan membutuhkan pisang untuk meminumnya, ini kalau aku

Sehingga ketika kamu sudah sembuh,
Kamu tidak akan sombong, dan ingat bahwa manusia hanyalah makhluk yang lemah
Tiada apa-apanya dibanding dengan Tuhan-Nya,
Yang Maha Menyembuhkan

Semoga kesehatan selalu dilimpahkan kepada kita, Amin.