Its been very challenging to find time to write again in this blog. I really want to find that spark again to be able to write and read more like before, so I start it again. Since 2 weeks ago, I also start journaling on my book, handwritten. Hopefully I can beat Netflix, Instagram and prioritize time to read book and write more. Here we go!

So yeah, I finally deliver my baby boy 6 days after I wrote my last post before this. We name him “Khalid Aldrich Battuta”. We have been calling him CIKAL since he was inside my womb, me and my husband found it over our bedtime conversation. Thus, we would like to keep calling him with that nickname or shortened by KAL. So we look for name that has Kal in it and we got KALDI / KHALEED / KHALID which means eternal and also inspired by Khalid Bin Walid, one of Muslim leader and a close friend of Nabi Muhammad SAW who famous with his brave to stand and fight for the right thing. We also admire the spirit of Ibn Battuta, A muslim scholar that has been discovering the world, one of the great traveler in that era.. Thats why we agree to put Battuta as his last name so that he can have the spirit of discovering the world like Ibn Battuta πŸ™‚


Kal and his dad. We did a bit of tea walking in Ciwidey, Bandung – drove our car in one of a spontaneous morning πŸ™‚


The middle name is quite hard to decide, haha! I try to google and read any kind to search inspiration. I somehow would like to give a bit of classic Indonesian/Java name in the middle so I search for name like Aksara, Kelana, Sandyakala, Sembagi, Anantala, Sembrani, Kalandra ….. But then I also kind of want to put a bit out of Indonesia word in it so that he has option in the future if he would like to be called with any names haha I dont even know if he ever think to do that. So I also think of names like Aldrich, Aidan, Kenzo, Kenzie, …. Then we I give my list to my husband, he said he like Aldrich which means a wise & thoughtful leader. I even share my options to ky close friend and family and they also like Aldrich. OK, Aldrich it is. We confirm his full name in his 7 days old haha it takes time really to pick the name for your kid BUT its so much fun in the process of researching it, I love it!

What is funny is that we still calling him CIKAL and not KHALID (or Aldrich or Battuta) haha. People always ask where cikal comes from? Haha. But we always said to people to call him Kal to make it easy but my close friends call him Cikal πŸ™‚ It will make Cikal nickname become special because only his parent, his closest aunty, uncle, friends will call him that.


Kal play at his play area, most of his toy and shelves are DIY by me and my husband haha, we started to love doing DIY Montessori inspired toys


Can you believe he is six months and almost 7 months in 19 June? Oh my god, time really flies when you have a baby. Feel like yesterday I deliver him in a small clinic run by an experienced midwive in Kudus, my hometown that now become his hometown too πŸ™‚ I still remember exactly the situation, what clothes me and my husband wore, and his first rockstar crying that morning at 05.06 AM. It was a very smooth delivery and I have to thank as my main resources to learn about pregnancy and delivering baby that mean to be natural and we as a woman gifted with this amazing human body to be able to deliver baby. I will share my pregnancy until delivering baby journey later in different post (hopefully I got chance ti write it! Its a very amazing journey for me that I never experience before AND I really feel like I reborn again like a superhero in the movie after I succesfully take Cikal out of my womb, haha. But seriously, I enjoy the process, nothing like feeling pain constraction, no screaming, no hitting/biting my husband haha, I even smile when he almost out from my womb.

And look at now, he is already eating, crawling all over the corner, singing his own melody, laughing ‘cekakak cekikik’, but what is stay the same is his wanting for breastfeed, his soft skin, his curly lip (haha this is so unique), his right feet that always go up to my stomach/breast everytime he breastfeeding, his crying, and his attachment to me πŸ™‚ I am now believe that some of our character / typical is already in our soul even before we born. Your kid can have your character / your husband’s / even your parent or grand grand parents. There is indeed a research about it and maybe we need another post on that hehe.


I was gardening and he crawl from his play area inside into this!!! 😁


I am so proud of him and I have been telling phim that so many times every time he do something good I say it in detail his progress such as, “Oh, you are now able to crawl and move from your play area to our office! ” Or “Oh you are able to grab your own food in the plate with your finger” , “Hey look at you, take your book from your bookshelves and look like you read it aloud”. I try so hard not to say ” good job! Great job!” And any kind of it as what I learn in Montessori way of parenting is that you dont praise your kid that way so that he will not grow searching for that praise as their motivation to do something BUT an encouragement by saying his making a great progress / work is what Montessori recommend. Ahh so so so many new things to learn when you become a mom and everyday is always new learning. And I love the way Dr. Maria Montessori use to grow our kid so I follow his lessons from books, some Montessori mom practitioner, etc. Its really make parenting much more fun when we learn about the knowledge behind it. Like this month for instance, when I learn about how baby can eat by themselves through Baby-led weaning method and how Montessori approach of eating for baby to include him in every meals time as we eat together in one table

IMG_20200614_082754_1 in one of our morning walk, I babywear him with Baby carrier and walk up the hill to Bukit Awiligar, found this beautiful park and decided to eat our Sourdough here. He loveeee being in nature, he can sit alllll day!


Of course there are a lot of downs beside all, the ups. The wake up night baby cry, the early morning wake up, the tired of accompany him everyday, the first 1 month after he born that looks like the worst month ever haha with sleepless night, clueless new parent, baby figure out how to breastfeed, parent figure out what this crying means and how to handle it, and many many other hard days to face. BUT my mantra from a good friend is always in my head: THIS TOO SHALL PASS! πŸ™‚ and trust me, if you decide to be with your baby 24/7 and taking care of the baby, learning together with the baby, its all worth it πŸ™‚

Wow its been a very long post and I feel so happy to be able to write this beside Kal that already sleep after having his bedtime story with his dad & breastfeed time with his mom. Please sleep through the night, Cikaaal :))))

Bandung, 17 June 2020 | 20.01


This morning when he look his dad roasting coffee, he always fascinated with any machine including coffee roasting machine



6 thoughts on “6 Months with my Wanderkid

  1. Selamat ya mbak DIni. πŸ™‚ senang baca tulisannya yang informatif. aku langsung meluncur ke πŸ˜€ btw, keren ya metode Montessori itu. πŸ™‚

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