Its 13 November and so much has change in my life since a year ago after I got married to my love one. And today, I am sitting in the couch at my parent’s home in my hometown to wait for my other love one to be born to this Mother Earth.

Never imagine that I will be a mom this year, to this upcoming baby boy. Since we acknowledge his presence inside my womb in 27 March on his 7 weeks, this boy has taught me a lot about being a pregnant lady (and beyond that, about life) and preparing to be born new as a mom. Never a second I regret about his presence and day by day I learn more about love. And oh boy, this little one is also restless. Well, the first trimester is the hardest part since I have to adjust with the new hormones, the morning sickness, and feel tired. But after passing those 3 months, this boy give me energy to wander even more.  Every weekend, I always feel like going on a new adventure to outdoor places.

In fact, a week after we notice that I am pregnant, I have to go to Cambodia for Australia Awards event that already arranged and so here we go our first ever adventure to wander around 4 days in Phnom Penh in his 8 weeks old. Oh, he was just a tiny piece of human being at that time. But I already feel like he is going with me exploring the city.

Then, since then, our weekend is always full of adventure. My husband is very patient and kind enough to always follow this wander mood from hiking to hills & mountain nearby Bandung, trek to several coffee farms, get lost in off the beaten path with motorbike (oh yeah, I am that badass pregnant lady :D), out of town adventure to Jakarta (a lot!), Yogyakarta, Central Java, and other. And we even make it to travel to Bangkok & Chiang Mai in his 4.5 months inside my womb. He is not only love taking adventure, but he is also in love with coffee world (not counted how many coffee farms, mills, coffeeshops, that he is been visiting) and even, he is with us when we are opening our 2 new coffeeshops in Jakarta; Flying Goat Coffee & Aiko Coffee. He is also always with us in every trip with our travel company, Wanderlust Indonesia. Oh boy, you are my truly wanderkid :’)

He might born soon by this week and I imagine right now, he is finding his way to get out from his mommy’s womb to the new world that I believe he will fall in love with. My prayer is that he will be our healthy little explorer, kind to others and brave to stand for the right thing in life. Your mom & dad cannot wait to wander the world together with you, baby. See you soon :”)


A spontaneous photo taken by our barista in Aiko Coffee

3 thoughts on “Wanderkid inside my womb

  1. Congratulations to my lovies!! You guys are my favorite people on this EARTH! Can’t wait to meet by nephew!

    Sending all my blessings-

    Bibi Mela!!

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