Here are the SWOT for WANDERGOOD Award Project:


  • We will be the first crowd-funding & co-creation platform for sustainable / impact tourism
  • We can create a more sustainable impact on our businesses as social enterprise
  • We are already have the network and resources of community partner in Wanderlust Indonesia
  • We could attract not only local company but also global, and the platform can be escalate globally, not only being used in Indonesia
  • Impact measurement of the project can be clearer
  • Stronger bound with local community and clients



  • A new project, we never run crowdfunding platform before
  • There are competitors that already play in the market for all crowdfunding platform, not only in tourism (e.g,,



  • There is still no key/leading player for sustainable tourism & impact tourism provider & consultant in Indonesia, we are one of the first pioneer
  • The use of technology for sustainable tourism that participative & asking everyone to collaborate
  • There are a lot of opportunity to create a bigger impact for local people to improve their economy, education, and environment
  • There are opportunities to gain a long-term relationship with corporate partners to strengthen Wanderlust brand and customer loyalty and trust



  • If there will be other competitors who work on this
  • The challenge/threat from local people on the system of the program / ownership management of the program



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