Hey all!

The next thing I wanna share is about the elevator pitch for our Award Project. Since we would like to create a platform for co-creation, collaboration, and crowdfunding for our community development program in tourism destination that become our partner, here is our elevator pitch. Since this is a social enterprise, I would like to create 2 elevator pitch from the point of view of our client/program partner & beneficiaries:

Client/Program Partner:

Wandergood (the plan name of the platform*) helps corporate solve their required social program/CSR  by sourcing and asses the targeted and impactful community that is better than conventional CSR “giving program” because we use co-creation & crowdfunding platform that based on our team assessment to make sure that the program sustainable & measurable.


Wandergood (the plan name of the platform*) helps local community in tourism destination solve community problem (socio-economic / environment / education) that is better than the other mainstream tour operator or Government program  because it is not only one-time program, it is more sustainable and the impact can be measured.

Thank you! Any feedback?


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