Loving you is like hiking the mountain
A lot of excitement, even before I start packing
Sometime stopping for a little break
But many times, I just wanna keep climbing
Unpredictable, unexpected, full of surprise

I learn a lot of things on the trek
I see so many things I never imagine before

I hear a lot of unspoken words, the sounds of Universe
The silence that teach me to be patience
I smell originality, like an honest smell of the ground to the Earth
I feel there is a brave in a fear, blessed and happy just living a simple life in the nature

Climbing a mountain is interesting experience
On how to keep being “mindful” in the “mind full” of thoughts
On how to keep the faith and follow your guts, even though so many times your body, mind, and soul always in a contrary
Until finally, walking down the mountain and going back home

It made me found myself better
Help me to think clearly about my life
Because loving you is a journey
That make me keep learning about life
And why we are here

Boston, 2016-2017


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