Before sunset at English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

A strange non-fiction happen again in my travel journey, usually I call it ‘serendipity on the road’. This time happen in Toronto Pearson International Airport when me and JP, my classmate at Boston University, transit for our flight back from Vancouver to Boston.

We were so starving since we left Vancouver super early at 6.45am flight which make us have to be in the airport since 5am, no chance for breakfast. Not to mention, we were not sleeping that night since I have my friends from Vancouver coming over to our airbnb and talk the whole night.

First thing we look at whe we land in Toronto airport after all the immigration check: FOOOOD! We grab two largest pack of sushi in that restaurant in the airport and sit in the table. 5 minutes later, The waitress come to us and said, “There is one customer that want to pay for your meals. He said its from the fellow hiker to another fellow hiker.”

Us: “Hah? Who? Why? You kidding us!” The waitress left us super confuse but she is no joke. Why he think we are a hiker? Well, I am wearing my backpack with the MEC raincover in it but still, why? One more time she came to us after we request to know who is paying for us.

“So.. the gentleman said that he don’t want to mention his name or show you who he is but he just want to pay for your meals.” That left us still confuse and we ignore the waitress and keep continue eating our sushi and getting some snack and drinks.

In the end, the waitress only charge us for the drink and snack because the mysterious gentleman pay for our meals and I said to her, “Please say thank you to him and good luck for his entire life.” and then the waitress whispered to us, “Actually, its that gentleman behind you who paid for that.” and it left ask in this awkward moment. Should we come to see him, say thank you? or just pretend we don’t know him since we already say thank you through the waitress? Maybe he just prefer us to not knowing him but the waitress kind of reveal himself. We are too confuse and shy to come to this 60-ish man who I actually already assumed that its him since the waitress keep coming back to him. We left for toilet and when we were back, he’s gone already.

This make us reflect on how kindness has no name, you can pass it to anyone that you don’t even know. What we can conclude after what just happened to us is that we need to pay this forward, to whoever, kindness is a kindness. With or without name.

Thank you fellow hiker for giving such an interesting moment of our life.

The infamous “City of Rain” in Canada: Raincouver a.k.a Vancouverrr. This photo taken in East Van neighborhood inside JJ Bean coffeeshop

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