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I find the beauty in the word “afar”, especially after I listen to Vance Joy song, “From Afar”. There is few word in this world that I think it just sounds great and reflect the meaning at it best. There is a beauty in reality of afar too, the distance.. to be far away from home, from the people that you love, from the people you familiar with, surely its difficult and hard. The moment when you hope they will be around but then you are all alone and you can only send “space-travel words” or “space-travel audio or video”.

But you will learn the most at the end of your comfort zone, and being afar from what you call it home or pieces of your heart also mean that you will commit yourself to learn a lot from it.

There are so many times that I always imagine if I could time travel myself and not only the words, audio, and video. It will be cool to master an ‘astral projection’ make my astral body travel to other part of the world, other timezone.

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But if finally I could time travel easily, will I appreciate being afar and my time more than before? When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade.. when life drag you being afar, make it fun!


Robson Square, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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