One of the path at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia


This semester, I decided to take Zen Meditation class again with Mark Houghton at Fitrec Boston University (BU). What I like about my University is that we can take the PDP (Department of Physical Education and Dance) courses for free and we will have credit in our transcript, normally it is only 1 credit. There is no grade for it, it just PASS / FAILED and to be able to pass, you just need to attend the classes and have no more than 3 absents.  There are a lot of options at BU Fitrec from wall climbing, yoga, pilates, swimming, dance, badminton, volley, marathon training, basketball, and any other including Zen Meditation.

There is always an insight everytime I get out from the meditation class and from today, I would like to commit write that insight down right after the class so that I won’t forget.

Today, after the meditation practice, there is an interesting thought that Mark said in the class about prayer vs desire. I realize that most of the time when I pray, it is about asking something from God. It is about the desire that we want. Prayer is different. It is not supposed to be a selfish request from our self to God. Prayer is about hoping for the best to all the people who suffer in the world. God know what we want even before we think about it. We don’t have to ask or tell our God what we want because if you believe in God, you supposed to believe also in what the best your God will give to you.

Prayer is not a desire.

There is also one activity that we experiment as a group in the class in the end of the class about how our thoughts are always running around in our head. What we supposed to do with all those thoughts? We don’t need to invest in all the thoughts that running around in our head, we don’t need to feed all those thoughts, we should learn how to accept it and control that. That is what meditation practice will help us in accepting, meditation is not about discipline or concentration, it is about learning on acceptance.


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