Beautiful morning walk along MIT
That magic morning when Universe tell the story for us in a strange way

I have been deactivate my facebook, twitter, and instagram account for 2 or 3 weeks now and I feel that my daily life become simpler and lighter. The reason why I deactivate those accounts is because I just don’t feel it anymore, I feel that those social media is getting overwhelmed and I don’t want my life dependent on it or become the habit of going into that social media world everyday. I want to be disconnect with some part of the Universe that I do not want to see and being able to have the freedom to choose what I want in my life, who to interact with, and other. Basically, to train ourself to not being control by the social media or other form of distraction on what is actually essential in life.

These words still cannot describe and giving a fair judgement on what is actually I feel about deactivating social media accounts. It is not only about turning that off or uninstall it from your phone, there is something beyond that. You should experience it by yourself. Coming back to the world without too many connections and distractions. Then you will understand what is the “zen of being disconnect”, the stillness and solitude but feeling so rich and gratitude inside.

Try to exchange the social media time with book & movie time
Been practicing latte in the making in my every morning coffee
Sometime also disconnect from Spotify & listen this new companion at my room; yes, a turntable! And I found this little prince vinyl from “In Your Ear”, indie record store around BU

10 thoughts on “The Zen of “Being Disconnect”

  1. TRUE!!!!! I did delete my Path app, Twitter and Facebook in my Phone (those account still active though)…. only instagram and steller remain, for the purpose of my passion. It feels so good! no need to unfollow, unfriend, or feel the negative aura when I see or read about something (hate speech etc).

    1. Yes, I could not agree more, Karin! Also, the conversations & habit around social media sometime makes someone feel already close to each other by (assume) knowing what the other did, what the other feel, what they are up to, etc. But in fact, you never really talk each other, just seeing each other life in a screen and assume that you keeping up with their life. It definitely change the way we interact and see the quality relationship among each other.

  2. Welcome to the club, I deactivated my twitter account 11 months ago =D. Currently, I only have facebook (only via the website; no app) and WordPress.
    Totally, agree with what you wrote, it gave you the feeling that you’re free, and can enjoy reading and admiring what you have away from media ^^

    1. Wow, good for youuuu! I feel like this deactivating thing can eventually lead to deleting those accounts once I feel like I don’t need it anymore. I mean, since when our social media account is more important than our essential and true life? Why do we care so much about what we need to show to the world, what other things about us, and less care about being ourself truly and living life as we want.

  3. Really really happy to read this piece hehe. See you’ve come so far yeah, I’m proud of you 😎 There’s many reasons why people need to always be connected… among which is the urgency of justifying what they’re doing to others. It’s so good to feel content and happy without depending our happiness on other ppl’s opinion.

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