In Canti Harbor, welcome to the city of Banana! :D
In Canti Harbor, welcome to the city of Banana! πŸ˜€

One morning, I got a whatssApp message from one old friend about her trip to Krakatau. I found out that she is now working in a small travel agent that brings people to some tourism destination e.g Krakatau Island, Ujung Kulon, Kepulauan Seribu, Karimunjawa, etc. Seems like island is the travel agent’s destination. Its like a coincidence because I just thinking about setting up my start-up on Eco-Travel and would like to try destination like Krakatau!

Then, I gather my friends who would like to go on a trip to Krakatau by backpacking & not with any travel agents. I contact Hid, my junior from University who originally from Bandar Lampung & my friend Dimas from Canada World Youth (CWY) program who is now serving as a teacher in his program supervisor’s school (kak Edwar Juanda Rusydi – Supervisor for Truro-Seigohong Team CWY).Β  Hid will join us (Me, Fany, Enggi, and Mbak Dini) with her 14 years old brother (Aziz) & her friend from Lampung who studied in UNDIP as well named Esi.

Friday, 23 August 2013

I get out from my office after celebrating Halal Bihalal around 6 pm. Heading to Slipi via TransJakarta in Friday Jakarta traffic at that time take me not even 1 hour, only about 45 minutes. Gather at Fany & Mbak Dini’s boarding house, we eat our dinner before crossing the island to Sumatera! After Enggi came & we all already eat our dinner, we take a taxi from Slipi to Kalideres Terminal. Then we get in to a bus called “ARIMBI” & this bus take us from Kalideres to Merak! In total, we spend 3 hours until we reach Merak around 12 am.

12 am in Merak harbor is still very crowded. Many people also want to cross the sea & island just like us. We walk to the entry gate of the ship that will take us from Merak to Bakauheni harbor in Lampung. I pay IDR 13.000 for the ship (adult prize) & once we get in to the ship, we upgrade our class into executive by adding IDR 10.000 inside the boat so we feel comfortable & could sleep during our 3 hours journey to Bakauheni! I am so excited because this is my first time going to Sumatera! πŸ™‚

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Our boat arrived in Bakauheni at 4.30 am & I already got the sms from Hid that said she already wait us in front of Indomaret in Bakauheni harbor. Unfortunately, my friend Dimas couldn’t join us due to his sudden job at school. Then here we go, 4 people from Jakarta & 3 people from Lampung; 7 of us.. ready to conquer Krakatau! πŸ˜‰

Canti harbor, waiting for our boat! :)
Canti harbor, waiting for our boat! πŸ™‚

We rent an angkot (public car) for our trip from Bakauheni harbor to Canti harbor (the harbor that will take us to Krakatau) and it cost IDR 200.000 to rent this car. The journey itself take 1 hour and we pass Kalianda area from Bakauheni to Canti. At 6 am, we arrived in Canti then we eat our breakfast which is in Indomie warung (instant noodle)! πŸ˜€ Not many people sell food here but most of them sell Indomie, coffee, and you have to know that we find A LOT OF BANANA!!! πŸ˜€


Hid already contact Pak Hayun, the man who coordinate the tourist who come to Sebesi Island to stay in locals’ home & coordinate the boat as well. We get one boat together with 16 group of people from Jakarta & Bandung. Feel strange being with 16 stranger in one boat while we only 7 of us but we just enjoy it πŸ™‚

The first destination is going to Sebuku Island. We arrived in Sebuku around 9 am then we snorkel a little bit. My impression: the Island near Krakatau is not as beautiful as Karimunjawa. I cannot really see the fishes & choral underwater because the view isn’t clear. I ask my ranger in a boat (Ranger is a term that they used to call our guide in the boat); Iwan, who is a son of Pak Hayun, and he said its because they used to bomb the sea to get a lot of fish & the fisherman is actually not these locals but outsider :(. I feel so sad when I heard about this but the good thing is some group of IPB University is now trying to repair & make the underwater world better. I really hope this works.


Around 11pm, we arrived in our host’ home! We get a very funny & friendly host named “Mbak Brosot”. funny name, huh? πŸ™‚ Her name is actually Nana but her husband nickname is Brosot so people start to call her Mbak Brosot :p

Mbak Brosot, 2 dari kiri memakai kaos abu-abu :)
Mbak Brosot, 2 dari kiri memakai kaos abu-abu πŸ™‚

My habit on traveling: I can’t stop asking so many question to locals. About their daily life, their job, their family, their education, their happiness, their food, etc! My curiosity on this could kill a lion :D. And I cant just stay in the home / sleep while I travel. So, I go out and visit a school nearby, we found an junior & senior high school and we talk with the teachers, library keeper, and so on. They have library? Yes. But the book is far from complete. They dont have computer, they used to have 6 but now its broken & the sad thing is when the teacher teach computer, the teacher just bring the keyboard and show them the words in the keyboard without them try to use it in computer. They don’t have electricity until 6pm – 12am so when they have computer lesson, they also need to do it in the night & sometime the electricity just not too strong to have 6 computer turn on in the same time :((


Yeni & her friend πŸ™‚

20130824_114459 - Copy 20130824_115234 - Copy

At the library

They don’t have sport equipment, education tools, lab, not many book lesson. Many things that I feel we still can contribute to help the improvement for this school as this is the only junior & senior high school in Sebuku.

The locals here around 1000 family & only few of them (maybe around 50) have the toilet. The rest of it, if they want to poop, they have to do it in the forest. This is also a very sad thing that they can’t afford to make a toilet in their home since it will cost them more than IDR 3.000.000 to make one toilet and this is not cheap for them.

Because I want to set up my social business on Eco-Travel very soon, this place will be on my list definitely! πŸ™‚ Let see what we can help together to improve the life quality of Sebuku Island. I am so optimistic that we can help this community to improve their life quality together.

Anyway, we continue to have lunch near the harbor & we found out that the seller is Javanese from Salatiga, Central Java! Many Javanese actually live in Lampung because of transmigration. After we ate our lunch, we continue the journey to snorkel to 2 more island that I still think nothing compare to Karimunjawa Island. Still can’t see any beautiful view underwater because its too blury. My underwater camera catch some underwater view but not as good as Karimunjawa. Then we catch the sunrise & come back to Sebesi.


Curious to meet the Principal of the school, we visit the home of Bu Hesti, the principal and we talk many things about Sebesi, education level of the locals, the school itself, and what people can maybe help out. The 1 hour visit is worth it & I am so happy to meet Bu Hesti as I get the spirit from her that she is actually coming from Bandar Lampung but she is willing to move to this small island to teach the locals, contribute her knowledge & lead the school! She share many difficulties & challenge that she face as the Principal in this school but she look never give up & have a huge spirit to make an improvement day by day. You have all my prayers, Bu Hesti πŸ™‚ This is one of my reason to set up a social business in Eco-Travel, I want people all over the world to meet this kind of person in a small island they never imagine, that could give you source of inspiration & make us aware that actually we can do something together to help Bu Hesti realize her big dream to the education of this small island πŸ™‚

Β  1240115_10151786290532510_1537542959_nHome of the Principal πŸ™‚

I also met Yeni, a very passionate alums of this school who is now become the library keeper in the school. She has kind of sixth sense (thats what people in this island told me) and I can see from her eyes that she is very smart & she has a huge willingness to continue her study into University but she doesnt have enough money. I came also to her house in the night using the headlamp since its so dark along the road in Sebesi. We chat a little bit with her & I promise that I will come back again here and help Yeni realize her dream πŸ™‚ People like Yeni, is also one of the reason how I love getting interaction with locals & this make me want to realize my Eco-Travel very soon! πŸ™‚

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mbak Brosot wake me up at 3.45 am and I am shocked. We should wake up at 3 am then go to catch the sunrise in Krakatau but we are all late! We say “See you” to Mbak Brosot & her family and we left her home with all our bags to the boat at 5 am. This is too late to catch the sunrise in Krakatau & next time I promise I will wake up earlier. I think I am too tired and none of us wake up at 3 am 😦

But not that bad, we arrived in Krakatau National Park around 6.30 am & we actually catch the sunrise on our way to this national park on our boat from Sebesi. So here we go! Time to go up to Anak Krakatau mountain! After we got the instruction, we going up! The trekking & hiking is not that difficult even for a beginner. I think the best to wear is a trekking shoes & its not colld at all so just wear a t-shirt / light jacket. You will getting sweat anyway when you hike up! After around 45 minutes, we finally reach the top! The view from here is just.. amazing.. πŸ™‚

1234354_10151786298197510_677743959_n 1184779_10151786297322510_274479185_n

We got a chance to go to Laguan Cabe island that they say the most beautiful island among others. Well, for me, still it can’t beat Karimunjawa Island πŸ™‚ Sorry of being Karimunjawa-minded but I just tell you the truth πŸ™‚


I conclude that actually the most amazing thing to see in this trip is the Krakatau Mountain itself. The trekking, hiking up to the mountain, and breathing above there are the most amazing thing to do in Krakatau trip! πŸ™‚


Up there..


Below there..

Krakatau – Laguan Cabe Island – Canti Harbor – Bakauheni – Merak – Jakarta!

We are back to Canti harbour again! I take shower in one of the warung in Canti harbor and the seller just give me a free shower! What a nice one πŸ™‚ Then we ate our lunch nearby the harbor & then we are heading to Bakauheni harbor!

From Bakauheni, we come back to Merak and we take the executive seat in the boat so we can sleep a little bit while playing UNO! πŸ™‚ Finally, we arrived in Merak harbor around 9pm, then we take the bus from Merak to Kalideres terminal and then we take taxi from kalideres terminal to our home! I landed in my room around 12 am midnight! Feel so tired but full charge & full of happiness πŸ™‚

In the next day, on Monday, I come back to the Danone office with lots of smile & energy. This is what the real ‘souvenir’ that I always gain after a trip :))

See you in the next trip,@dinidreaming, a #Wanderlust πŸ™‚



– More info about Lampung tourism:
– More photos available at:

– I spend IDR 400.000 for the whole trip from Jakarta – Merak – Bakauheni – Lampung – Krakatau & All the island – Bakauheni – Merak- Jakarta! Such a worth weekend escape πŸ™‚

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