#STAAwards4 – Customer Persona

Since our business is moving from B2C to more B2B, therefore we create our customer persona for a person who in charge in the program that we offer for the company. Here is one customer persona we got! He is our favorite!

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 6.09.03 PM.png




#STAAwards4 – Empathy Map

Here is Wanderlust Indonesia empathy map that we explore together with the theme earlier this year at our outing. Thanks for this great tool that help us to understand our customer better šŸ™‚

empathy map.jpg


Customer Empathy Map

Who are we empathizing with?
– Young professional
– Stuck in daily activity
– Looking for something different
– Want to be useful for others

– Need organizer
– Have budget
– Have concern in social impact
– Not expert in social impact
– Need creativity

What do they need to do?
– Need acknowledgement and recognition
– Need to do volunteering
– Need to do something different

– Need portofolio (CSR, credit for lecturer)

What do they see?
– Youtube, Netflix, cable TV
– Self-development, traveling book (mainly in English)
– Social media (IG accounts with specific interests: travel, volunteer, impact, social enterprise, start-up, motivational accounts e.g. TedEx, social movement)

What do they say?
– Looking for something different
– I want to do something useful for others
– Want to give positive impact (save the earth etc)

What do they do?
– Urban workers, freelancer
– Hang out at coffee shop, shopping at mall over weekend
– Traveler

What do they hear?
– Politics and news
– Business trend
– Social movement
– Motivational podcast etc


What do they think and feel?
– Fear of being useless
– Clueless and confused about what to do and where to start regarding social issues
– Anxiety of decreasing quality in destination (environment, service)
– Anxious about environment issue
– In search of new experience

– Too many things to do
– No idea or boredom
– Mainstream or repetitive experience in outing
– Unhealthy work atmosphere in corporate

Ā Gains
– Acknowledgement (certificate, portofolio, membership)
– Fulfillment
– New experience
– Meaningful connection
– Existence
– Reward point

– Acknowledgement (certificate, portofolio, membership)
– Employee engagement and retain
– Corporate image
– Saving money, time, and effort
– Make work easier
– Diverse program options

#STAAwards4 – SWOT Analysis

Here are the SWOT for WANDERGOOD Award Project:


  • We will be the first crowd-funding & co-creation platform for sustainable / impact tourism
  • We can create a more sustainable impact on our businesses as social enterprise
  • We are already have the network and resources of community partner in Wanderlust Indonesia
  • We could attract not only local company but also global, and the platform can be escalate globally, not only being used in Indonesia
  • Impact measurement of the project can be clearer
  • Stronger bound with local community and clients



  • A new project, we never run crowdfunding platform before
  • There are competitors that already play in the market for all crowdfunding platform, not only in tourism (e.g Kitabisa.com, Insanbumimandiri.org, Wecare.id)



  • There is still no key/leading player for sustainable tourism & impact tourism provider & consultant in Indonesia, we are one of the first pioneer
  • The use of technology for sustainable tourism that participative & asking everyone to collaborate
  • There are a lot of opportunity to create a bigger impact for local people to improve their economy, education, and environment
  • There are opportunities to gain a long-term relationship with corporate partners to strengthen Wanderlust brand and customer loyalty and trust



  • If there will be other competitors who work on this
  • The challenge/threat from local people on the system of the program / ownership management of the program


#STAAwards4 – Elevator Pitch

Hey all!

The next thing I wanna share is about the elevator pitch for our Award Project. Since we would like to create a platform for co-creation, collaboration, and crowdfunding for our community development program in tourism destination that become our partner, here is our elevator pitch. Since this is a social enterprise, I would like to create 2 elevator pitch from the point of view of our client/program partner & beneficiaries:

Client/Program Partner:

Wandergood (the plan name of the platform*) helpsĀ corporateĀ solveĀ their required social program/CSRĀ Ā byĀ sourcing and asses the targeted and impactful communityĀ that is better thanĀ conventional CSR “giving program”Ā becauseĀ we use co-creation & crowdfunding platform that based on our team assessment to make sure that the program sustainable & measurable.


Wandergood (the plan name of the platform*) helps local community in tourism destinationĀ solve community problem (socio-economic / environment / education)Ā that is better thanĀ the other mainstream tour operator or Government program Ā because it is not only one-time program, it is more sustainable and the impact can be measured.

Thank you! Any feedback?

#STAAwards4 – Business Model Canvas

We did a yearly gathering with Wanderlust Indonesia team in the first week of January 2019 to kick off this year. We are so excited that we are welcoming a year of co-creation & collaboration for our current businesses. With the project that we can’t wait to kickstart soon (Ssst.. can’t tell you yet!), several new team members, new ambience, and we are creating a more impactful year with the tagline: #shareitforward and #impacttravel šŸ™‚

Therefore we did a brainstorm to re-design our new business model. Thanks to Carla & Laki of Flinders University & Australia Awards, we got so many tools that we can use to play on during our gathering such us: business model canvas, social enterprise lean canvas, customer journey map, empathy map, and others!

Here is our business model canvas after the gathering:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 6.47.51 PM.png

Any feedback & ideas for the next development of Wanderlust Indonesia? You are most welcome to give any ideas to us! šŸ™‚