6 Months with my Wanderkid

Its been very challenging to find time to write again in this blog. I really want to find that spark again to be able to write and read more like before, so I start it again. Since 2 weeks ago, I also start journaling on my book, handwritten. Hopefully I can beat Netflix, Instagram and prioritize time to read book and write more. Here we go!

So yeah, I finally deliver my baby boy 6 days after I wrote my last post before this. We name him “Khalid Aldrich Battuta”. We have been calling him CIKAL since he was inside my womb, me and my husband found it over our bedtime conversation. Thus, we would like to keep calling him with that nickname or shortened by KAL. So we look for name that has Kal in it and we got KALDI / KHALEED / KHALID which means eternal and also inspired by Khalid Bin Walid, one of Muslim leader and a close friend of Nabi Muhammad SAW who famous with his brave to stand and fight for the right thing. We also admire the spirit of Ibn Battuta, A muslim scholar that has been discovering the world, one of the great traveler in that era.. Thats why we agree to put Battuta as his last name so that he can have the spirit of discovering the world like Ibn Battuta 🙂


Kal and his dad. We did a bit of tea walking in Ciwidey, Bandung – drove our car in one of a spontaneous morning 🙂


The middle name is quite hard to decide, haha! I try to google and read any kind to search inspiration. I somehow would like to give a bit of classic Indonesian/Java name in the middle so I search for name like Aksara, Kelana, Sandyakala, Sembagi, Anantala, Sembrani, Kalandra ….. But then I also kind of want to put a bit out of Indonesia word in it so that he has option in the future if he would like to be called with any names haha I dont even know if he ever think to do that. So I also think of names like Aldrich, Aidan, Kenzo, Kenzie, …. Then we I give my list to my husband, he said he like Aldrich which means a wise & thoughtful leader. I even share my options to ky close friend and family and they also like Aldrich. OK, Aldrich it is. We confirm his full name in his 7 days old haha it takes time really to pick the name for your kid BUT its so much fun in the process of researching it, I love it!

What is funny is that we still calling him CIKAL and not KHALID (or Aldrich or Battuta) haha. People always ask where cikal comes from? Haha. But we always said to people to call him Kal to make it easy but my close friends call him Cikal 🙂 It will make Cikal nickname become special because only his parent, his closest aunty, uncle, friends will call him that.


Kal play at his play area, most of his toy and shelves are DIY by me and my husband haha, we started to love doing DIY Montessori inspired toys


Can you believe he is six months and almost 7 months in 19 June? Oh my god, time really flies when you have a baby. Feel like yesterday I deliver him in a small clinic run by an experienced midwive in Kudus, my hometown that now become his hometown too 🙂 I still remember exactly the situation, what clothes me and my husband wore, and his first rockstar crying that morning at 05.06 AM. It was a very smooth delivery and I have to thank bidankita.com as my main resources to learn about pregnancy and delivering baby that mean to be natural and we as a woman gifted with this amazing human body to be able to deliver baby. I will share my pregnancy until delivering baby journey later in different post (hopefully I got chance ti write it! Its a very amazing journey for me that I never experience before AND I really feel like I reborn again like a superhero in the movie after I succesfully take Cikal out of my womb, haha. But seriously, I enjoy the process, nothing like feeling pain constraction, no screaming, no hitting/biting my husband haha, I even smile when he almost out from my womb.

And look at now, he is already eating, crawling all over the corner, singing his own melody, laughing ‘cekakak cekikik’, but what is stay the same is his wanting for breastfeed, his soft skin, his curly lip (haha this is so unique), his right feet that always go up to my stomach/breast everytime he breastfeeding, his crying, and his attachment to me 🙂 I am now believe that some of our character / typical is already in our soul even before we born. Your kid can have your character / your husband’s / even your parent or grand grand parents. There is indeed a research about it and maybe we need another post on that hehe.


I was gardening and he crawl from his play area inside into this!!! 😁


I am so proud of him and I have been telling phim that so many times every time he do something good I say it in detail his progress such as, “Oh, you are now able to crawl and move from your play area to our office! ” Or “Oh you are able to grab your own food in the plate with your finger” , “Hey look at you, take your book from your bookshelves and look like you read it aloud”. I try so hard not to say ” good job! Great job!” And any kind of it as what I learn in Montessori way of parenting is that you dont praise your kid that way so that he will not grow searching for that praise as their motivation to do something BUT an encouragement by saying his making a great progress / work is what Montessori recommend. Ahh so so so many new things to learn when you become a mom and everyday is always new learning. And I love the way Dr. Maria Montessori use to grow our kid so I follow his lessons from books, some Montessori mom practitioner, etc. Its really make parenting much more fun when we learn about the knowledge behind it. Like this month for instance, when I learn about how baby can eat by themselves through Baby-led weaning method and how Montessori approach of eating for baby to include him in every meals time as we eat together in one table

IMG_20200614_082754_1 in one of our morning walk, I babywear him with Baby carrier and walk up the hill to Bukit Awiligar, found this beautiful park and decided to eat our Sourdough here. He loveeee being in nature, he can sit alllll day!


Of course there are a lot of downs beside all, the ups. The wake up night baby cry, the early morning wake up, the tired of accompany him everyday, the first 1 month after he born that looks like the worst month ever haha with sleepless night, clueless new parent, baby figure out how to breastfeed, parent figure out what this crying means and how to handle it, and many many other hard days to face. BUT my mantra from a good friend is always in my head: THIS TOO SHALL PASS! 🙂 and trust me, if you decide to be with your baby 24/7 and taking care of the baby, learning together with the baby, its all worth it 🙂

Wow its been a very long post and I feel so happy to be able to write this beside Kal that already sleep after having his bedtime story with his dad & breastfeed time with his mom. Please sleep through the night, Cikaaal :))))

Bandung, 17 June 2020 | 20.01


This morning when he look his dad roasting coffee, he always fascinated with any machine including coffee roasting machine



Wanderkid inside my womb

Its 13 November and so much has change in my life since a year ago after I got married to my love one. And today, I am sitting in the couch at my parent’s home in my hometown to wait for my other love one to be born to this Mother Earth.

Never imagine that I will be a mom this year, to this upcoming baby boy. Since we acknowledge his presence inside my womb in 27 March on his 7 weeks, this boy has taught me a lot about being a pregnant lady (and beyond that, about life) and preparing to be born new as a mom. Never a second I regret about his presence and day by day I learn more about love. And oh boy, this little one is also restless. Well, the first trimester is the hardest part since I have to adjust with the new hormones, the morning sickness, and feel tired. But after passing those 3 months, this boy give me energy to wander even more.  Every weekend, I always feel like going on a new adventure to outdoor places.

In fact, a week after we notice that I am pregnant, I have to go to Cambodia for Australia Awards event that already arranged and so here we go our first ever adventure to wander around 4 days in Phnom Penh in his 8 weeks old. Oh, he was just a tiny piece of human being at that time. But I already feel like he is going with me exploring the city.

Then, since then, our weekend is always full of adventure. My husband is very patient and kind enough to always follow this wander mood from hiking to hills & mountain nearby Bandung, trek to several coffee farms, get lost in off the beaten path with motorbike (oh yeah, I am that badass pregnant lady :D), out of town adventure to Jakarta (a lot!), Yogyakarta, Central Java, and other. And we even make it to travel to Bangkok & Chiang Mai in his 4.5 months inside my womb. He is not only love taking adventure, but he is also in love with coffee world (not counted how many coffee farms, mills, coffeeshops, that he is been visiting) and even, he is with us when we are opening our 2 new coffeeshops in Jakarta; Flying Goat Coffee & Aiko Coffee. He is also always with us in every trip with our travel company, Wanderlust Indonesia. Oh boy, you are my truly wanderkid :’)

He might born soon by this week and I imagine right now, he is finding his way to get out from his mommy’s womb to the new world that I believe he will fall in love with. My prayer is that he will be our healthy little explorer, kind to others and brave to stand for the right thing in life. Your mom & dad cannot wait to wander the world together with you, baby. See you soon :”)


A spontaneous photo taken by our barista in Aiko Coffee

#STAAwards4 – Lesson Learned

Here is some of the lesson learned that I got during joining Australia Awards Program Startup Ecosystem – Batch 4, November 2018:

  • The ecosystem is really working!
    I got connected with several Awardee that we finally create project together. I also got connected with several people in Australia that interested to collaborate on Wanderlust Indonesia program. This would not happen if Australia Awards & Flinders as a host did not arrange such a great program & list of people to meet so that we got the great connection!
  • The Start-up Tools Knowledge & Theory is really helpful!
    We do have several session in class lead by Carla, Laki, and Julie.. and in the beginning I was thinking that it will be a boring session but in the end, we do use all the toolkit that we learn in class to our start-up. I personally use Business Model Canvas, Empathy Map, Customer Journey, Financial Model, Landing Page / A&B Testing, and many other tools to brainstorm with my team earlier this year. Even though some of the tool we already familiar but we use several tools to check again our start-up, are we on the right track or not.
  • Learning from Different Start-up, How to monetize, Investment Models, etc
    We visit or meet many start-up during our program and from all of them I learn a different business model that somehow interesting and not familiar in Indonesia. From there, we also learn how they monetize their product, how they get invested, how they can survive! It is interesting that we also can get insight from several Founders about their story to run the start-up. I think it is a lesson learned that I personally can reflect to what is my stage of business and how I am personally perform to my start-up
  • Learning how Australia build ecosystem between Government, Start-up, Private, and Universities
    From our visit to Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.. we learn that those cities build a great ecosystem between their government, start-ups, private and Universities. This is the thing that is not working well yet in Indonesia and we see that Australia become a great example on how those institution can work together very well. One of the example is how Adelaide govt support ecosystem through Lot 14, how Flinders University facilitate private to collaborate with start-up in the Tonsley, how Melbourne Govt give case studies to solve city problem to start-ups, etc
  • Learning about Australia & Indonesia strat-up ecosystem!
    Part of the learning point is also how we can understand better the ecosystem and network of startup in Australia and in Indonesia. We also have a group WhatssApp that make our network better and almost everyday, people in the group are sharing insight from their network and this is such a continuous learning that we got everyday, and we even can discuss it among other.

Australia Awards – Vibes of the Awardee

2018-11-11 23.54.55.jpg

Hello, this is my second post about Australia Awards program that I receive from the Australia Government. You can read the first post at my page “Australia Award Course Blog”.

After the Pre-Course and then traveling inflight with the other 25 participants of the Australia Awards, and now we are all in Adelaide.. I feel that the Australia Awards has chosen a very diverse and unique character of people. I wanted to write several profile of the Awardee – hopefully I can feature some of their profile later on in my blog because they are all inspiring and their story behind their startup can be an interesting learning to read.

2018-11-11 23.55.10.jpg

If you are curious who are the 26 of us.. here are the list of us:

  1. Mirah Mahaswari – Childminder.id
  2. Annisa Wibi – Mycotech
  3. Brata Rafly – Etobee
  4. Danny Kosasih – Innovesia
  5. Dila Hanum – Telkom Amoeba
  6. Dina Dellyana – The Greater Hub SBM ITB
  7. Dini Hajarrahmah – Wanderlust Indonesia
  8. Donni Prabowo – ABP Incubator
  9. Edi Topan – Expedito
  10. Rangga Alroy – BEKRAF
  11. Elisa Effendy  – Engliven
  12. Febriadi Putra – Gringgo
  13. Gita Dwijayanti – TuneMap
  14. Indra Purnama – MIKTI
  15. Maria Natashia – Family Fund Investor
  16. Marshall Pribadi – Privy.id
  17. Nuning Septiana – Kasir Pintar
  18. Nur Izzatul Muthiah – PLUS
  19. Paundra Noorbaskoro – Growpal
  20. Pratiwi Sukmawati – Ordent
  21. Richard Anggadiwirja – Rumah Porto
  22. Satrio Tegar – Ruang Perintis
  23. Shinta Priantika – Callista
  24. Tubagus Ari – F&B
  25. Tuhu Nugraha – Digital Marketing Mentor & Lecturer LSPR
  26. Utari Octavianty – Aruna.id

It is sometime not easy to gather all 26 people in one group. However, I learnt that this group has a positive vibes, cooperative, and they mostly have a lot of good energy of curiosity, exploration, and an open minded mindset to be able to collaborate each other.

Just tonight, in our wonderful apartment in Adelaide, I heard a story about a women CEO whom the background has nothing to do with what she is doing right now until she found the turning point. When she told me about her story, this give me an inspiration to write this blog and to feature the profile of these group Awardee.

Will that be something interesting to read? 🙂

#OzAlum #IndonesiaStartups
@flindersuniversity @AustraliaAwards @DubesAustralia


Jakarta Coffee Week 2018: Celebrating the many ways to be the players in Indonesia Coffee Industry

2018-10-12 12.02.07

The third Jakarta Coffee Week held again by ABCD School of Coffee and HYPE from 28-30 October 2018 at PIK Avenue, Grand Ballroom 7thFloor. This biggest coffee festival in the country becomes the annual gathering of most coffee players in Indonesia, from the west to the east region, from farmer to consumer. This year, there are a lot of new players in the industry, not only the coffee shops and roaster that open the booth, but this year we see coffee machine maker, chocolate product, clothing product that related to coffee, also participate in the festival with the total of 96 tenants. From the innovative brewing machine from glasses such as SUJI and 201, until a roaster machine such as VNT Indonesia.

Pasar Kopi or the coffee farmers market corner occur again in this year Jakarta Coffee Week. Under SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia), they manage to arrange the tenant booth and inviting 15 coffee farmers representing coffee origin region from all around Indonesia such as Java, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua, and other. This corner become the direct trade opportunity for coffee buyers or roasters to meet the farmers and buy the green beans coffee that they want.

Fire and Gas Roasting Competition become the first roasting competition to be held in the history of Jakarta Coffee Week and this competition successfully attract around 20-25 Indonesia coffee roasters and the winner will bring home a 1 KG Nordic Roaster Machine from VNT Indonesia that equal to almost IDR 100,000,000. Besides that competition, the AeroPress Championship 2018 also attracts 108 barista and brewer around Indonesia since the winner of this competition will represent Indonesia at World AeroPress Championship 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

2018-10-12 12.01.22
Our favorite shelter, Klasik Beans Cooperative with its Green House Dryer shelter concept. Finally I met Pak Eko Purnomowidi, our Indonesia coffee man, in person!

The coffee industry trend in Indonesia is expanding. The coffee consumers who come to Jakarta Coffee Week are not only the follower of ‘Es Kopi Susu’ or ice coffee milk trend but also the a critical drinker or a third wave coffee drinker who started to questions about their coffee quality. They are someone who will ask the coffee roaster or brewer about where their coffee come from, which machine do they use to roast the coffee, how many temperature of water to brew the coffee, or what process do the farmer create for the coffee green beans.

This phenomenon make the coffee player has to be innovative in differentiating their coffee to sell.  Four Chambers, a booth tenant that consist of four coffee roasters in Indonesia (Two Hands Full, Hungry Bird, Instinct Coffee Roaster, and Papa Mama Coffee create a collaboration in selling their coffee beans and attract visitors by brewing their specialty coffee and tea. In other hand, the visitor got attracted with the bamboo booth that represent the “Green House Dryer” of Klasik Beans Cooperative, a coffee farmers co-op that run sustainable coffee farm and mills processing along with the deforestation program in West Java, Aceh, Flores, Toraja, North Sumatra, and other.

2018-10-12 12.02.10
Didi Guci, a roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung join the public cupping session

“I think this year’s Jakarta Coffee Week is representing how Indonesian coffee industry is evolving. Last year, we see familiar and famous coffee shops and roaster in the urban city but this year is interesting. We started to meet coffee player from all over Indonesia and event International. Many of us predict that there will be the growing number of coffee roasters next year and it is interesting to see where this industry will go.” Said Didi Guci, roaster of Barokah Coffee Shelter in Bandung

So, are you interested to also be one of the players in this industry? It might be wise to consider which sector you want to be in, whether it is in the upstream, downstream, or find the other new stream.


I call it stupidity.

Hate it very much but it always haunt this body. Don’t know where it come from, how come it can be inside this body. Never invite the stupidity to come in, it come by itself.

Hey stupidity..

Please go away.. far away.. and never go back. So that at least in the end of the day, stupidity is not the one who will kill this body, mind, and soul.


We are just a stupid person after all. Who know nothing and we are nothing compare to this Earth.