I call it stupidity.

Hate it very much but it always haunt this body. Don’t know where it come from, how come it can be inside this body. Never invite the stupidity to come in, it come by itself.

Hey stupidity..

Please go away.. far away.. and never go back. So that at least in the end of the day, stupidity is not the one who will kill this body, mind, and soul.


We are just a stupid person after all. Who know nothing and we are nothing compare to this Earth.



To still alive

And being yourself

In this huge and complicated world

Is something you should be

Proud of and Thankful.



A: “Hey, what is your wish today?”
D: “I don’t know. Should we have a wish? Since expectation can kill ourselves.”
A: “What about your vision as you are growing old?”
D: “Vision.. that sounds so serious and ambitious. I kind of tired of those things in life.”
A: “Whoa.. that is really something I can’t understand right now.”
D: “Well yea, maybe you will feel it one day, when you want nothing but living a simple life. When you stop buying clothes, having no desire to spend your money on materialistic stuff and use it for day to day life.. like for food, transportation, house..”
A: “..and coffee?”
D: “Haha you got it!”


My best friend also call me this morning and say, “Hey, happy birthday. I hope you can be the best version of yourself!” and I guess, being our true self is the best version of ourself.



Apabila kamu sedang sakit,
Percayalah bahwa sakit itu bentuk Tuhan sayang kepada manusia
Jika manusia lain juga sayang padamu, dia akan menunjukkan pula
Rasa empati dan kepeduliannya kepada kamu yang sakit
Seperti seorang Ibu yang membawa anaknya berobat ke dokter
Seperti seorang kekasih yang menanyakan kabar atau membawakan makanan

Kalau sakit itu memang enaknya dimanja dan memanjakan diri, melupakan sejenak pekerjaan, ini kalau aku
Atau berdiam diri sendiri tanpa ada yang mengganggu, bagi beberapa orang

Akan tetapi,
Apabila kamu sedang sakit,
Tuhan juga sedang menguji kamu,
Mungkin sedang menaikkan derajatmu, menguji kesabaranmu,
Seperti meminum pil-pil yang kamu benci dan membutuhkan pisang untuk meminumnya, ini kalau aku

Sehingga ketika kamu sudah sembuh,
Kamu tidak akan sombong, dan ingat bahwa manusia hanyalah makhluk yang lemah
Tiada apa-apanya dibanding dengan Tuhan-Nya,
Yang Maha Menyembuhkan

Semoga kesehatan selalu dilimpahkan kepada kita, Amin.



Its kind of funny how I find the same pattern in every online motorbike/car app driver questions to the passenger. They are mostly very curious about who you are, what you are doing for a living, where are you from, and even how much is your salary or house rent fee.

Since coming back from the US, being a nomad and sometime have to carry my backpack around when I move to the next stop, the same questions I receive from those driver is: “Are you going to hike a mountain?”, “Which mountain that you just hike?”, “Do you like mountaineering?”, or something like that. I notice that carrying your backpack around here in Indonesia is still the same like going for a hike or mountaineering, it is something unusual for the mainstream society.

It’s somehow fun to answer them with a different story, it almost like you can make up a lot of stories about your life and who cares? Because the chance for you to meet the same driver is almost to zero.

I feel like being a nomad in my experience make you meet a lot of different road, people, food, situation, language, excitement, challenges, and other. The skill that I learn recently is how to travel light, bring only 1 shoes that can do for all occasion, bring few clothes that you can combine and wear in any situation / place, find the closest laundry place nearby, not to shop unless its something that will be gone that you don’t have to carry it around,  and to be very careful in spending your money.

It’s somehow challenging to answer naturally when people ask about where do you live? If you want to make up stories, you actually can but you have to also be natural about it. I remember a couple who did a nomad life for years after selling all their stuff at home and decided to live on the road with their 2 backpack. I think its a very big decision when you decided to live without having a settle place. Now, I am a bit understand how that feel, just a bit, a tiny peace of bit compare to them!

Maybe one day if I have a family, I would like to do a nomad journey or just a road trip journey, at least 1 month, to meet strangers, trying out different food and places, learn to survive on the road, to teach the kids from the road because traveling to me is one of the best school on Earth. Being a nomad too, is also being a traveler, because to travel is to move.

Let see where this nomad journey will lead to..


IMAGE 2017-11-10 22:28:28

Percayakah kamu dengan kebetulan?
Atau kamu menganggap kebetulan itu tidak ada?

Percayakah kamu bahwa segala yang terjadi dalam hidupmu itu,
sudah ada yang mengatur?

Bagaimana dengan kebetulan-kebetulan yang sering terjadi?
Hal sekecil apapun, yang apabila kamu ubah, akan berdampak besar dalam hidupmu?
Apabila kamu ikuti jalan itu, akan benar-benar menghasilkan takdir yang berbeda?

Bagaimana dengan pertanda?
Apakah pertanda itu dikirimkan oleh Tuhan – jika kamu percaya pada-Nya?
Atau dikirimkan oleh alam semesta, untuk membantumu menentukan jalan mana yang akan kamu ambil.

Kami menyebutnya S
Untuk setiap kebetulan yang terjadi,
Yang sesungguhnya kami percaya, itu terjadi bukan tanpa alasan

Coba telusuri jejak S yang ada dalam hidupmu,
Mungkin akan banyak S S yang bermunculan ketika kamu menyadarinya
Percayakah kamu?