Tentang Rasa



Sepertinya bicara tak harus dengan mulut,
Mendengar juga tidak harus dengan telinga,
Melihat pun tak harus dengan mata,
Tapi merasakan, sepertinya harus selalu dengan hati.

Dan belum ada suatu teknologi penghantar rasa
Sementara melihat, mendengar, dan bicara
Dapat kalian lakukan dengan teknologi tanpa batas jarak dan waktu.

Bersyukurlah kalian semua, manusia-manusia yang masih memiliki rasa,
Entah sampai kapan rasa tetap ada pada setiap hati manusia,
Semoga ia terus ada di dunia ini mengalahkan teknologi apapun di masa depan.
Karena dengan rasa, orang baik akan terus ada di sekitar kita.

Don’t take everything for granted


The more you grow up,
You will learn that time is become limited
Not that you don’t have enough time for everyone
The time is always the same since you were born
But your priority is changing, and so does your time allocation

When you know your time is limited,
You will learn that life give you a very important lesson
To appreciate every single moment with the people in your circle
Because its not like when we were kid – where we can always repeat the play time everyday with our neighbor friends, and just easily call their name from the outside of their home.. and they will show up and give the time for you..

No, its not that easy anymore

Because when you grow up,
You will learn that build a relationship with your circle is not easy and free
So don’t, don’t take everything for granted..
Appreciate every single moment and time that you have with them
Because you never know how important they are to your life
Until you lose them

Vancouver #2: Sunset Talk

Summer Break Journal #8
Vancouver, 25 May 2016

I definitely think I have a “sunset bugs”, how could I never get bored of you even though I always see you in my whole life?

“The sunset from this Stanley Park is just so beautiful. I think this time I can agree on British Columbia tagline as the best place on Earth.”

“You know what, I just realize that you were right. Its so beautiful and I never really realize it as I see it everyday.” JJ, a friend of mine who already live 3 years in Vancouver now catching up with me and we were walking through the seawall of Stanley Park

Me and JJ having a great Ramen dinner before strolling around Stanley Park for sunset

“Wow, you hear that sound? That’s a 9pm cannon ball shot from that corner in Stanley Park. Everyday 9pm, you can just sit here and listen to that sound of Vancouver as they put in this booklet.” I show her the tourism booklet that I just read.

“This is actually my first time hearing that! This is a perfect timing and moment.”

“Ah, this make me remember of a discussion with a friend about time and moment. Do you know that its not easily happen when the moment and timing can go hand in hand? Sometime the moment is perfect but time is a bitch as How I Met Your Mother movie said.”

“Hahaha. Thats a good saying. Thats true actually. This is make me really happy. This simple thing right now, sitting by watching the beautiful sunset in Stanley Park.”

Reunited with JJ again!

“I could not agree more. Life is about now. The now moment. And we are having it right now in the sunset time with the cannon ball sound. Talking about our life and how we are living it to the fullest. I am happy I can meet you again, JJ.”

“Me too! This make me learn to more appreciate little things in life. The routine in life sometime kill you and make you forget to appreciate small things.”

“And now the sunset gone.. we will never see the same sunset again as the moment we have right now. I think that is how life work too. You can never repeat the moment as it is. That is why when we have time and moment work together very well, we have to live it to the fullest. Right?”

“I could not agree more.” 

Still the same sunset view at Stanley Park seawall


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Le Petite Prince –. Photo taken with Fujifilm X-T10 from the rooftop of a building viewing Stanley Park seawall at night around 10 or 11pm



Kelowna-Vancouver #1: Sunrise Talk

Summer Break Journal #7
Vancouver, 25 May 2016

Inuksuk: human-made stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland. (Wikipedia). I capture this on Stanley Park, Vancouver. 


I sleep late around 1.30 am to finish packing after shower. The next day on May 25, I am leaving Canada and heading to Seattle. I remember last time I was doing Seattle-Vancouver return trip on November 2014 after Jolkona Catalyst event. Now, I come back to Seattle for Jolkona Catalyst 2016, not as a participant but as an alumnae and I will answering some interview questions in the opening remarks of this year’s showcase.

Its not everyday I can wake up early but I feel like I want to wake up early and having the conversation so without alarm, I surprisingly awake at 5.30 am. I caught my friend’s dad doing yoga and then the conversation started after that.

“I read your blog again after 2 years did not read it. I am surprise that you write something about life narrower, life simpler. In your age, you can have that thinking as what I believe in my age (61), I totally agree with that saying, Dini.” 

“Ah, I am really glad that you agree on that. Meaning that what I am thinking might be right since you have been through all of this in life.”

“Yes, I can see that you changed now. But actually its not change, we are evolving as a human being. And as a human being, what kind of life we actually want, the expectation in life, keep it simple and narrow. Thats what the secret of happiness. People become stressful in this part of the world, feeling lonely, just because they cannot reach their own expectation.”


Biking along Stanley Park. Finally finish the park! Could not finish it by walking on my first visit in Vancouver at 2014


“I have question though. What about ambition? Do we still need to have that? I feel less-ambitious lately and just want to life as it is without having so many things to dream of. Is it bad that I have this feeling in this age, not even 30?”

“You do still need ambition. Without ambition, how can you get a job – travel – helping people – do what you wanna do. That’s ambition. The way to say it, I remember back in my country I saw a plane and something pop up in my mind, I was thinking that we should fly as high like the plane but its okay if we fall in the trees.”

“Ah, isn’t it like the saying, ‘Shoot the moon – if you fall, you will fall among the stars’?

“Oh yes, you were right. Its exactly what it is. You can have that ambition but be careful of expectation. Its okay to not getting it because you will get other thing as a replacement. So, have ambition, especially you still young and have a big dream, go for it. But remember, the root is keeping your life simpler inside your heart and mind.”

Granville Island Public Market

“Do you also agree that keeping relationship with the other is more about quality than quantity?”

“I could not agree more. As you grow older, your circle will go smaller and you will see which one is your real friend. Its the quality that you invest in that relationship, not the quantity.”

“I am so glad that I have this chance to talk to you in the early morning before you head to work. Convince me that I am on the right track and I hope I can keep my life simpler. Thanks for the advice”

“No no. I am not giving you any advice. This come up from our chat and I believe our mind is like a monkey where you can go everywhere, talk about everything, allow that monkey to jump in your mind but learn how to master that monkey and ask him to sit sometime.”

I rarely have sunrise talk as I am not a morning person at all, once I have it, its become a great eye-opening for the rest of my life. 

Capturing a man who trying to take his moment on the Stanley Park beach



Golden-Kelowna: Leaving The Rockies

Summer Break Journal #6
Boston, 25 June 2016

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful. What you will discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda —

Jasper-Yoho-Golden: What Nature Can Teach Us

Summer Break Journal #5
Boston, 14 June 2016

Jasper to Yoho, hello longhorn sheeps!!


Then we find a path, following our intuition to come in to find lunch spot


And we find this interesting plant on the way..


Finally there is a hidden gem inside this path, and there yo go our own rockies-made burrito lunch!
Golden is the edge of the national parks in The Canadian Rockies and leaving Jasper to Yoho and Golden meaning crossing the state of Alberta to British Columbia (BC). You can tell the different when you enter British Columbia by the trees nearby that are very rich and lush. Slowly as our car goes, we started to leave the mountaineering view of Rockies and replace by those giant green trees, waterfall, and all green surrounding.
Entering Yoho..
Kicking Horse River, Yoho National Park


Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park


Emerald Lake


“Beautiful British Columbia” or “British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth” are the tagline that you will find everywhere once you enter BC. Well, at some point, I think its not too much to have that tagline for BC.
We stop by at A&W to get our lunch before we going to our campsite in Mittenlake, Golden National Park. Nearby A&W, we encounter the only shop who close by who sell wood and we need to get some for campfire tonight. That’s where we met Jerry, an old man originally from here who open his own store selling all things camping stuff and souvenir of Golden.  Jerry was super nice giving us advice of camping in Golden, how to survive and what is the best thing to do when bears come to us.
Jerry store!
Let’s back to real map and not google map!
Mittenlake is off the beaten path campsite and we need to drive the car inside the forest out of no where and no signal. The boys in the car are starting to make a statement, “If I die here………….” while I am enjoying this nowhere. I feel like in the rural place in Indonesia.
Entering Mittenlake..
View near Mittenlake campsite
When we get there, we are directly setting up the tent and campfire. It started to rain slowly by the time it getting dark but we are still enjoying the rain with grill our sausage on top of the campfire and talk about life. We are even starting to plan the next camping trip somewhere sometime.
With a bit taste of rain
Magic color campfire, we got this from Jerry!
That night was one of the highlight of our road trip, one of the best night ever. As we go through this journey into wilderness, I realize how nature really teach us so many things. For me, it leaves me with a lot of feeling such as increasing your empathy with the other, surviving your life, try to live as simple as possible everyday, increase your sensing (and common sense!), simply finding peace and happiness, giving interesting perspective, creativity! especially when you have less, increase your curiosity + adventure + skill of observation, and the most important thing.. it teach us about being grateful, how thankful we are as a human being in this Earth.
Missing Nithya!
View of Mittenlake
Another view of Mittenlake from other side
In the next morning, we leave the campsite and drive again to Kelowna, leaving the Canadian Rockies and hitting the wineries town in Kelowna, British Columbia..
Leaving off the beaten path..